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How to Find Pet-Friendly Apartments in Little Rock

August 20, 2019


Are you and your cat or dog looking for the perfect apartment in Little Rock? One that has everything you need and all the space and allowances your pet needs?
The search is not impossible. Many apartments in Little Rock allow for canine and feline friends.

Here are a few tips for finding a pet-friendly apartment in Little Rock.


Do some research. 

There are great online resources to find apartments that are pet-friendly in Little Rock. Just make sure you double-check your sources. Once you’ve got a list narrowed down, take time to contact the landlords. Find out how restrictive their pet policy. There might be some conditions or fees not listed on their site. 

This is a huge reason our clients choose to work with Apartment Hunters! Finding the right apartment is no walk in the park — unless it is an actual park, there are some great parkside apartments in Little Rock. Apartment Hunters is designed to work with you so you know all your options. We know Little Rock. We’ll be able to point you in the direction of an apartment that fits your needs and the needs of any pets you live with. 

Running into no-pet policies left and right? You may want to specify your search for apartments in Little Rock that are independently owned. These landlords don’t answer to a large corporation. They may be willing to hear you out, meet your pet, and make new arrangements. 


Small pets only? 

Imagine finding your dream apartment on a “pet-friendly” apartment guide. You dig deeper thinking this can’t be real and discover your gut feeling is right, the apartment complex has restrictions that exclude your pet. 

The good news? This means the apartment has some measures to work with. Also, if their pet policies are especially detailed, you know your neighbor’s pets will be well-behaved. 

Write a resume for your pet. That’s right. It’s time to sit down with Fido and talk about career goals and notable accomplishments. Or rather, prove that your pet is well behaved and won’t destroy the apartment. 

How? The reason we call it a “pet resume” is because it is very similar to a resume you would submit for a job. A good pet resume should have a letter from your vet, maybe a letter from the landlord if you’ve lived in an apartment with your pet before, and any training certificates your pet has earned. 

Other sources: 

  • Have your dog vetted by a dog trainer or dog walker. 
  • Mention everything you know about your dog. List their breed(s), weight, age, and any medical information that may be important for your landlord to know. 
  • Include photos! What is your pet’s best asset? Dopey grin? Fuzzy nose?

Get insurance. 

Yes! Pet insurance is a real thing. Your landlord probably pictures scratched wood flooring, chewed window shades, and de-fluffed furniture as soon as you mention the word “dog”. Pet insurance could be an excellent solution. The Federation of Insured Dog Owners is a great place to start. 

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