Will My Dog Be Happy Living In Little Rock?

December 3, 2018

Little Rock seems to have pet-friendly apartments and other pet-friendly business establishments at every corner. We love dogs! And we do everything we can to treat them.

Once you get settled in your pet-friendly apartment, it is time to introduce your pooch to some Little Rock sights and smells.

Here are a few reasons your dog will LOVE living in Little Rock.

1. There are plenty of social opportunities for your dog.

Between dog parks and pet-friendly dining establishments, your dog is sure to make friends. One location that stands out as a local favorite for dogs and dog owners, is Little Rock’s Bark Bar.

Bark Bar is Arkansas’ first indoor/outdoor bar that is also an off-leash dog play area. Your dog can play, socialize, and hang-out while you relax and enjoy refreshments. Bark Bar operates in a renovated, long-abandoned, mission-style church building. The atmosphere makes it a perfect spot for dog owners to meet or to come alone and work.

Check out Bark Bar for a day for only $5. Just make sure you have your dog’s vaccination paperwork. Learn more on their website.

2. Little Rock’s dog parks are off the chain — literally.

Check out Murray off-leash dog park next to the river, or MacArthur Unleashed dog park downtown.

  • At Murray Dog Park your dog will have plenty of space to run and obstacles to play on. There are tubs of water so your dog can keep cool while they run around. This is good for your dog, but you should plan on this and bring towels. A good note to take if you are planning on bringing your dog home in your vehicle after playing. — This dog park is along very popular walking trails, so it is not an issue for many visitors.
  • MacArthur Unleashed is a popular off-leash dog park in downtown Little Rock. Your dog will have obstacles to play on and plenty of other dogs to meet.

Both of these parks feature double-gate entrances to keep dogs safe. They also have a separate area for dogs that are under 30 pounds.

3. They can join you for lunch.

You will find several dining establishments with pet-friendly outdoor seating in Little Rock. A few of these are located close to the above-mentioned dog parks.

If you are spending the day at Murray Dog Park, check out these nearby restaurants.

  • The Faded Rose,
  • The Red Door (especially if you are looking for a place to get brunch),
  • The Fold.

If you are wrapping up a day at MacArthur Unleashed, here are a few downtown restaurants that can accommodate your pooch.

  • Dizzy’s Gypsy Bistro,
  • The Root Cafe, and
  • Sticky’z Rock’n’Roll Chicken Shack.

4. You live in Little Rock.

It doesn’t matter what brought you here. Your dog is happy to be wherever you are.

Just ask them. 

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