Information for Property Owners & Managers

We’d like to show you what Apartment Hunters can do for YOU, the owners and managers of apartment communities. Using Apartment Hunters will save you time, cut your advertising costs, and provide you with a source of pre-qualified renters, already educated and excited about your property BEFORE they even get to you!

What’s New?

At Apartment Hunters we are constantly making updates and improvements to our service. We are very pleased to bring you this latest enhancement to our service:

The Apartment Hunters Internet Property Database

This sophisticated service is used by:

  • Prospects
  • Clients
  • Property Owners
  • Property Managers
  • Apartment Hunters Staff

This Internet-based tool enhances our ability to communicate with our clients and partners, and is a powerful vehicle that provides instant access to a wide range of information. We look forward to working with you on this service, and welcome your suggestions and comments.


Listing With Us is Easy

Want to put Apartment Hunters’ professional staff and cutting-edge computer program to work for YOU? It’s easy: just follow these few simple steps and we’ll do the rest.

  • Contact, visit or E-mail Apartment Hunters to let us know you’re interested in signing your property up with us.
  • An Apartment Hunters representative will go over the Listing Agreement with you.
  • We’ll get detailed information about your community so that all of the information we give our clients will be accurate.
  • You’ll provide us with floorplans to be entered into our computer.
  • Our photographer will come out to your property to get photographs for our Video Presentation of your community.
  • Apartment Hunters’ Rental Specialists will caravan your property to learn all about it.
  • We’ll start sending you qualified prospects. That’s all there is to it!

Why Use Apartment Hunters?

1. You Have The Final Word

As an apartment community manager, you are under no obligation whatsoever to accept any potential renters referred by Apartment Hunters. You rent only to those you choose.

2. Pre-Qualified Prospects

Our courteous and friendly representatives will take all the time necessary to find out exactly what prospective renters are looking for in their future home. Prospective renters are exposed to detailed information about your apartment community and its restrictions before entering into your office. This will decrease the amount of time spent with both prospective and non-prospective renters.

3. We're Everywhere

Our business development activities, internet programs, and local market advertising attracts thousands of people per month. We receive referrals from schools (public and private), local organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce, area employers and many more.

4. Convenient Immediate Exposure

Your available units get instant exposure. New availabilities, price adjustments, amenity upgrades, and other changes can be updated in a matter of moments with just a phone call. This helps eliminate a need for other promotional expenses.

5. Professional Staff

You receive the service and helpful expertise you need and expect. We make it our business to be well informed about anything that effects apartment communities like yours. We are constantly striving to come up with new ideas that will benefit you.

6. Professional Presentation

Quality is always a primary concern in our business and everything we do reflects this. Our computer database is presented in an easy to understand format. This allows the customer to see the location of the property on a map with detailed floorplans of the apartment as well as all of the information. Our Presentation e-brochures and printed materials are all mobile-friendly, providing quality graphics, details, and pictures. Best of all, we are able to present quality videos of your apartment community instantly utilizing the latest technology through YouTube and Google. A picture is worth 1000 words and the visual effects which we can create can’t be beat.

7. Satisfied Residents

We will provide you with well-informed residents. After a thorough search, they feel you are the right community for them. There will be no surprises; therefore fewer skip-outs and evictions. Our referred residents have maintained less than a 2% skip-out rate. Our customers become your happy residents. This helps to increase the number of renewals. And remember, satisfied residents tell their friends about your community.

8. Statistics And Surveys

Every aspect of our business is tracked statistically. We can provide you statistics and analyses about apartment types, availability, market trends, customer preferences, and more. And these statistics are absolutely FREE.

9. We Save You Money

No advertising dollars are wasted on ineffective ads or promotions. 100% of any fees you pay to us are for guaranteed quality residents. Quality residents also means a reduction of eviction and collection fees.

10. We're Guaranteed

We can provide you a higher quality resident. Our computerized rental locator system is so advanced we guarantee every prospective renter we send to you. We also guarantee our service to you.

11. You!

You’re the reason it all works. As you can see, we’re a network of varied services providing you with the resources and expertise you’re looking for. Our members know it works. Please contact us today to become a part of our team and share in the benefits.

How We Save You Money!

Pay only for results...Guaranteed.

Apartment Hunters provides your community with pre-qualified rental clients who have been presented with up-to-date, detailed information on your property. This cuts down the time you need to spend with them, and greatly reduces the possibility of skips and evictions. Our 6-month guarantee further ensures that you pay ONLY for results.

You are charged ONLY for clients who lease...and only after they've moved in!

Apartment Hunters, unlike other methods of advertising your vacancies, does not cost you a penny to use until after you start collecting money! We don’t bill you for clients that we referred until after they’ve moved in. If we don’t produce, you don’t pay. It’s just that simple.

Apartment Hunters' clients are pre-qualified and motivated about YOUR property!

When Apartment Hunters refers a prospective renter to your property, it’s because, based on an intensive interview and detailed presentation of your property, the client is excited about your community, already knows a great deal about it, and knows what the qualifying requirements are to live there. This cuts down on your time and avoids the aggravation of spending hours showing people around, only to find out afterward that they’re “just browsing” or can’t meet the qualifications to rent there.

Apartment Hunters can respond immediately to changes in availability, prices, pet policies, etc.

Our state-of-the-art computer system and programming means that when you notify us of a change in ANYTHING about your community, we can get that change to all of our Rental Consultants within 24 hours. So, unlike other forms of advertising which have to be submitted days, weeks or even months in advance, WE CAN RESPOND IMMEDIATELY TO FILL A VACANCY! Why let a unit sit empty, draining money, when Apartment Hunters sees qualified renters all day…every day?

"But my property only has an occasional vacancy; what do I need Apartment Hunters for?"

Properties that have high occupancy and low turnover rates REALLY love our service. Rather than maintain expensive ads in print publications, they simply notify us when a vacancy is anticipated and we fill it. This not only saves advertising dollars but frees up property staff to focus on resident retention and customer service rather than wasting time dealing with calls and walk-ins inquiring about non-existent vacancies.

» Using Apartment Hunters to fill your vacancies lowers your advertising budget and helps you control costs.

To illustrate how cost-effective it is to use Apartment Hunters, suppose that you have an apartment that rents for $900. If Apartment Hunters provides you with a client who signs a 12-month lease, that apartment will gross $10,800.00; our referral fee will be $450.

Apartment Monthly Rent $1200.00
Gross annual income $14,400
Referral Fee (50% of month’s rent) $600.00
$600 divided by $14,400.00 4.2% of gross income

If 1/4 of units on average are turned, using Apartment Hunters to fill ALL of the vacancies would result in 1% of gross income applied towards advertising. This is far below the average of 3% to 8% of their gross spent by most apartment communities on advertising. Add to this the fact that we can usually fill a vacancy very quickly, thus turning a cash drain into a profitable unit, and the value of using Apartment Hunters is clear. Why use any other method?