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In today’s competitive employment market, expanded relocation services in the Little Rock Metro area have become a popular and necessary employee benefit. Saving time and money with our efficient placement service, our expanded services can make moving and relocating, which can be a stressful time in the life of an employee, a positive experience. Apartment Hunters, the state’s largest apartment hunting and rental assistance service, offers expanded services for our relocating clients.

→ Why Choose Apartment Hunters?

Preferred Employer Benefits

We can negotiate and provide exclusive savings, discounts, and specials for our clients not only with the apartment communities but with such auxiliary service providers as furniture rental companies, utility companies, long-distance phone carriers, moving and storage companies, local merchants and many others. Your personnel can enjoy exclusive benefits including special rent packages, no application fees and lower security deposits at apartment communities, special low rates for moving, storage and furniture rental.


Decreased Management Involvement

All too often the responsibility of helping a new employee find housing gets tossed onto the already full desk of someone in management. Not only does this person not have a great deal of time to devote to the problem, but he or she probably does not know too much about the huge and ever-changing rental market. Apartment Hunters’ staff members are experts in this field, and it is their ONLY job. Why overload your managers when you can delegate the task to us?

New Hire Productivity

When your new employees come to work, you want them concentrating on learning their job and doing it well. You don’t want them spending a week or two roaming around hunting for a place to live; certainly you don’t want them grabbing the first, perhaps totally unsuitable place and then spending the next year agonizing over it instead of doing their job. We’ll get them settled in a place they like, and we’ll do it in a matter of hours, not weeks.


Increased Ability to Recruit Key Personnel

Give your recruiters an “edge” over those from other companies, by being able to offer potential hires our professional, in-depth services. Their housing needs can be met quickly, with no hassles or wasted time on their part, when they work with our experienced locators in person, by phone or by fax. We do it all so that you, and they, don’t have to!


Increased Acceptance Ratio of In-house Transfers

A major concern of anyone being transferred is housing; will they be able to find something they like and can afford? How much of a hassle will the search and the move be? Is it worth it? The answer is more likely to be “Yes” if our service is utilized. We know all of the areas, and can find the best place in the shortest time; we can even “hook them up” with a reliable, reasonably priced moving company!


Faster Recruit Commitment

By using our service to overcome the last hesitation of a desirable candidate, employers can provide unprecedented service to those interested in employment. “If we can find you a great place to live today, would you take the position?”

Portability of Our Service

Our entire Locator Service can be presented anywhere, at any time, by an Apartment Hunters Rental Consultant using our laptop computer. If a recruiter is going out of state with the objective of hiring a fair number of people, Apartment Hunters can go along and make sure their housing needs are met right then and there! This should also represent substantial savings over bringing candidates to your city for a house-hunting trip.

Enhanced Corporate Image

Offering free housing assistance shows corporate concern for employee well-being and involves no expense for either the corporation or the employee/recruit. Additional, you can add “we can find you a place to live the same day” to their advertisements, and boast of an enhanced, industry-leading relocation program.

All of These Benefits and Services at No Cost to the Employer!

We at Apartment Hunters are proud to be able to present to you our years of experience, our state-of-the-art systems and software, our professional staff and our many services and benefits. Our professional, licensed staff will be instrumental in saving your company and your personnel time and money, greatly reducing the stress associated with relocating, aiding in recruitment efforts, and making it easier for new employees to concentrate on productivity, instead of on searching for an apartment.

We are especially proud of the fact that we can do all of this and more, without any cost to you.

Our Relocating Process


1. New Job, New Place

You offer the position to your new hire. They’re ready to get started, but may need assistance in promptly finding a place to live. Refer them to us!


2. Nice to Meet You!

We welcome and congratulate your newest employee on their position and upcoming move to the Little Rock metro area. We’ll visit and find out what their needs are for their new place. Our experienced and knowledgeable Leasing and Relocation Specialist will present rental places that fit their needs and wants. We’ll follow up by sending an e-brochure complete with details, photos, and floorplans of some possibilities. We spend time going over the details and thoroughly explaining what to expect throughout this process.


3. We're here for you.

Our Leasing and Relocation Specialist will schedule a convenient time for a Little Rock tour with your new employee. We’ll look at properties as well as the neighborhood and places of interest. We’ll be here to answer any and all questions your new hire may have to help them make the best decision when selecting their new home. Our team members, with their knowledge and guidance, make it easy!

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