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Relocation Services in Little Rock

Relocation Services in Little Rock

In today’s competitive employment market, expanded relocation services are a popular and essential addition to your employee benefits package. That’s why Apartment Hunters offers expanded relocation services for all of our clients. Moving to a new city or state is stressful enough for your employees without piling on logistics planning and other relocation details.

Looking for relocation services Little Rock? Save time and money – for yourself and your employees – by using Apartment Hunters. We’re the largest apartment hunting and rental assistance service company in Arkansas.

Preferred Employer Benefits for Relocation Services in Little Rock

We have partnerships with apartment communities, furniture rental companies, utility companies, long-distance phone carriers, moving companies, storage companies, and other local merchants. That means we’re able to negotiate and provide you with exclusive savings, discounts, and specials that aren’t available to the general public.

Your employees could enjoy exclusive benefits like:

  • Special rental packages
  • No application fees
  • Lower security deposits
  • Lower rates for moving and storage
  • Lower interest or monthly payments for furniture rental

Delegate the Relocation Details to Us!

Many times, the logistics, details, and negotiations involved with an employee or new hire relocation falls to the already over-worked management or HR team. We know that you don’t have the time to focus on that kind of specialized project – but luckily, it’s what Apartment Hunters does best!

The rental-market is an ever-shifting landscape of regulations, negotiations, relationship building, and local knowledge that can be overwhelming to the uninitiated. The Apartment Hunters’ staff members are experts in this field, and it is our only job. Why overload your managers when you can delegate the task to us? In the long-run, you save time and money when you let us help you organize your employees’ relocations.

Increase New Hire Productivity and Retention

You want your new employee to be focusing on their orientation and job training so they can hit the ground running. If they have to find their own living arrangements, they may have to delay their start date by days – even weeks as they tour possibilities, go through the application process and organize the move.

And worse, if they end up in a place that turns out to be completely unsuitable – terrible commute, bad management, unsafe part of town – because they felt rushed, it will affect their experience with your company. Nip feelings of unappreciation and regret in the bud and make sure you can provide your new employee with a seamless and satisfying relocation experience. We can help them get them settled in a place they like, and we’ll do it in a matter of hours, not weeks.

Increase Your Ability to Recruit Star Talent in Little Rock

Give your recruiters the edge over your competition, by being able to offer potential hires our professional, personalized apartment hunting services. We’ll meet their housing needs quickly, with no hassle or wasted time. They can work with our experienced locators in person, by phone, or by fax. We do it all so that you – and they – don’t have to!

Increased Acceptance Ratio for In-House Transfers

Anyone being relocated is bound to worry about finding the perfect new home. “Will I be able to find something I like that’s in my price range?” “What’s the neighborhood like?” “Will I be increasing my commute?” “Is this really worth the disruption to my and my family’s lives?”

The answer is more likely to be “Yes!” when you use Apartment Hunters to help them find the perfect new home. We know the neighborhoods of Little Rock inside and out, and with our specialized software and long-term relationships, we’re able to find deals your employees would never be able to get on their own. From hiring a moving company to renting furniture and setting up utilities – we’ve got it all covered.
Faster Recruit Commitment

Is your favorite candidate wavering over whether or not to take your job offer because they’re afraid of the move? We can help you overcome that last little hesitation with our offering of unprecedented services and selection of properties.
Apartment Hunters gives you the power to ask, “If we can find you a great place to live today, would you take the position?”

Portability of Service

We’re completely mobile and at your disposal! Our Locator Service takes only a laptop and one of our experienced representatives to convincingly present. Is your recruiter headed out of state to find new candidates? No problem! We’re happy to accompany you and help you get their housing needs met right on the spot.

This means less hesitation on the part of the candidates as well as substantial savings for your company when you use our services in lieu of travel expenses for a house-hunting trip.

Relocation Services in Litte Rock Enhance Company Standing

You can offer free housing and relocation assistance to your employees, which boosts morale and promotes trust in the company culture. And it’s no added expense to you or your employees! And adding our enhanced, industry-leading relocation services to your job descriptions and recruitment materials gives you an extra edge when you’re fishing for top talent.

Relocation Services in Litte Rock – At No Cost to You!

This is our favorite part of our relocation services – that we’re able to offer them to your company and your employees completely free of charge. You’ll have access to our experienced staff, our state-of-the-art systems and software, and our many other services and benefits. All of our fees are paid by the apartment communities and properties that we partner with to provide you with high-quality housing in Little Rock.
We can help you save time, money, and a whole lot of stress while improving your recruitment efforts and increasing productivity by allowing your employees to focus on their work rather than their move.

And if it’s free – why wouldn’t you sign up today?

Our Relocating Process

1. New Job, New Place

You offer the position to your new hire. They’re ready to get started, but may need assistance to find a place to live. Refer them to us!

2. Nice to Meet You!

We welcome and congratulate your newest employee on their position and upcoming move to the Little Rock metro area. We’ll sit down and find out what they want and need from their new place. Our experienced and knowledgeable Leasing and Relocation Specialists will present them with rental places that fit their requirements. We’ll follow up by sending an e-brochure complete with details, photos, and floorplans of our favorite possibilities. Then we go over the details and explain what to expect throughout the process and answer any questions they may have.

3. We’re Here For You

Our Leasing and Relocation Specialist will schedule a convenient time with your new employee for a tour of our Little Rock locations. We’ll look at properties as well as the neighborhood and places of interest. We’ll be here to answer any and all questions your new hire may have to help them find their new dream home. Our team members, with their knowledge and guidance, make it easy!

If you have any questions about our relocation services in Little Rock, or how Apartment Hunters can help your company, contact us today!

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