Top Rental Hacks of All time

Living in a rental house doesn’t mean that it can’t feel like a home. Of course there are some things you cannot do to a rental, such as tearing down a wall or permanently changing the flooring. However, you can do more than you may know to make it homey. Apartment Hunters of Arkansas is here to help you feel your best whenever you are in your house! Let’s dive into the Top 20 rental hacks of all time. 

1. Temporary Solutions

There are multiple things you can do to add your own personal style to your home without it being a permanent solution. For example, a peel and stick wallpaper is simple to install and just as simple to remove whenever you move on to your next endeavor. The same can be done with tile for backsplash or a contact paper that looks like marble, granite, subway tile, etc.

2. Talk to Your Landlord

This can be intimidating and we understand why, however it is important to have a decent relationship with your landlord. If you trust your landlord and they trust you, they are oftentimes going to be more willing to let you make changes to your rental. Sometimes if you offer to paint the rental and get the4 colors approved, landlords will be open to it because most of the time a rental needs the paint job to be updated anyway. Sometimes even things such as updating countertops or floors can be approved. If you are making their space better, they are more than likely going to be open to the idea,

3. Switch out cabinet pulls

This is one of the simplest ways to update your rental and make it feel like your own style. Be sure to keep the old cabinet or drawer pulls so that you can put them back on before you move out.

4. Paint your walls (ask permission)

Here is a tip that you will want to get permission from your landlord for. You can paint your walls and offer to paint them back to the original color whenever you move out, or you can ask if you can paint an approved color that will look good throughout the home. Something as simple as an updated paintjob can make an entire home look and feel different.

5. Buy a faux fireplace 

There is nothing more homey than a fireplace in your living room. Most rental properties do not typically have a fireplace but that doesn’t mean you have to go without. You can buy an electric fireplace and mantle online to help cozy up your space. 

6. Hang plants

This sounds like an easy solution, but many people don’t realize the impact a few house plants will have on your space. They add a fresh, bright perspective to your home. And many of them ass great benefits to the air you breathe as well.

7. Use mirrors to make your house look bigger

You know you want a mirror in your bathroom or your bedroom, but have you thought about putting one in your living room? A large mirror leaning against a wall will make your space appear to be much larger than it actually is.

8. Buy a skin for appliances 

Sometimes your rental house is going to come with appliances. This is usually considered an added bonus of renting. However, if the appliances are outdated you may want to update them a little. You can turn an old white refrigerator into a stainless steel statement piece with appliance skins.

9. Cover ugly carpet or flooring with rugs

If there is one thing that can make or break the way your apartment looks, it is ugly carpet. Rental homes can come with stains from previous tenants that you do not want to look at. Area rugs re your friend here. And 2020 has brought us the trend of layering rugs. 

10. Replace blinds 

Landlords may update a few things between tenants, but something that seems to get looked over, unless they are damaged, is window blinds. You can easily replace your blinds, just be sure to keep the old ones in a closet (or wherever you have hidden the old cabinet pulls) to swap them out whenever you move. You can take the new ones with you to your next rental.

11. Update Appliances

This option can be a little pricey. Some landlord will allow you to replace the appliances if you are going to leave them behind whenever you move. One tenant asked her landlord if she bought a new appliance could he take it out of her rent and he agreed. It never hurts to ask what your options are.

12. Make it your own

Remember, your rental is your home for the time being. It is important to make it your own with fun bedding, art work, and even cool light fixtures. Take this opportunity to find your personal style and practice really making your space your own.

13. Use extra room as closet

A popular rental option is a 3 bed 2 bath, or a 2 bed 1 bath. If you live alone, and find yourself running out of closet space, use the extra bedroom as a walk in closet. You can get inexpensive clothing racks and shelves from local thrift stores and really give yourself the life of luxury that you deserve.

14. Soundproof

Rental walls are sometimes thin if it is a duplex or apartment complex. For your own sanity and those of your neighbors, look into options for the best way to soundproof your space.

15. Lighten up dark spaces

If your rental doesn’t have many windows and feels dark, remember that using lighter decor will offset how dark the space is.

16. Open shelving 

In this DIY kitchen hack by Emily Henderson she removed the doors of her kitchen cabinets to give the appearance of open shelving that is so popular. Again, store the doors with the cabinet pulls and the window blinds to make sure you replace them before you move out.

17. Statement shades over old light fixtures

There is no rule that says you cannot replace a light shade. Your landlord may not be too excited about you replacing an entire fixture, but a statement shade can easily spruce up an old fixture and give it a modern twist.

18. Replace bathroom mirror 

Bathroom mirrors are oftentimes very outdated and unattractive. It is obvious that we are fans of replacing and storing older fixtures until time to move. You can completely update your bathroom mirror and store the old one, or use double sided velcro to create a frame around your old mirror if it is harder to remove.

19.Lean art on the floor

Many landlords are not going to want you to put holes in the walls whenever you hang art. Simple solution – don’t hang it. There is a very cool vibe that is given off whenever you lean artwork against the wall rather than hanging it.

20. Washi tape for wall design

Last but not least, using washi tape is a very cool and easily removable way to add design and personality to your space. There are endless possibilities when it comes to this concept. 

We encourage you to really make your space your own. Whether it is a rental or you own it, your home is YOUR space and should be treated as such.