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Top Companies to Work for in Little Rock

Little Rock is the biggest city in one of the country’s lowest cost of living states – featuring a vibrant live-work community with a hot job market! As working trends shift and industries grow and change, Little Rock offers opportunity at every turn. If you’re looking for career opportunities, you’re sure to find a great fit with one of the top companies to work for in Little Rock, Arkansas!

Top Tech Companies to Work for in Little Rock

Little Rock features a strong – and growing – tech landscape for engineers, software technicians, sales, and marketing professionals. Home to startup incubators and accelerators powered by some of the world’s most respected tech companies and innovators, Little Rock features a great environment for tech professionals looking to get in on the ground floor or take off with tech giants! The most popular tech companies to work for in Little Rock and the surrounding area are:

  • FIS. This tried-and-true tech giant focuses primarily on banking and financial services software. With tens of thousands of employees in offices around the world, FIS features tons of opportunity to find a great job and grow with the company.
  • Axciom. Focused on the intersection of data, technology, and customer experience, Axciom – located in nearby Conway, Arkansas – is home to more than 2,100 employees and serves a wide variety of industries.
  • Apptegy. The new kid on the block, Apptegy has been quickly growing in the EdTech and marketing sector. Founded in 2015, this tech newcomer has disrupted the way schools market themselves to parents and communities and is perhaps the fastest-growing tech company in Arkansas.


Top Healthcare Companies to Work for in Little Rock

Little Rock also features regional leaders in the healthcare space, from treatment to research! With the advent of telehealth services, Little Rock has also become a leading regional service center, providing health services to Arkansas’s rural communities and the metropolitan population right here in central Arkansas. The top healthcare companies to work for in Little Rock are:

  • Arkansas Children’s Hospital. As the state’s major pediatric care provider, Arkansas Children’s Hospital (ACH) treats young people from all over the state – and all over the region. With more than 500 physicians, 200 residents, and 4,400 support staff, ACH provides opportunities for medical and healthcare professionals of all kinds. If you’re looking to make a difference in the lives of children, ACH might be the perfect fit for you!
  • University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS). UAMS is one of the state’s largest healthcare systems. Featuring medical clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare outlets, UAMS provides opportunities for doctors and nurses to work on the front lines of healthcare. Because UAMS is also a teaching and research institution, you can also find opportunities to enter medical education or dig into pressing problems. With 14 core research areas – including the nation’s leading institute on multiple myeloma – UAMS offers opportunity for researchers from finding a cure for cancers to cutting-edge genetics and genomics research.
  • Baptist Health. Baptist Health is the state’s fifth-largest employer overall – with more than 11,000 employees! The Baptist Health system offers great opportunities for nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals in the state’s capital and beyond. 
  • CHI – St. Vincent. The state’s largest Catholic Healthcare Initiatives hospital employs more than 5,000 healthcare professionals across the state. In addition to frontline healthcare services, CHI – St. Vincent has recently partnered with Bradford Health to provide industry-leading addiction treatment on-site at its Little Rock campus.


Top Telecom and Insurance Companies to Work for in Little Rock

In addition to tech and healthcare opportunities, Little Rock features great work opportunities at insurance and telecom companies like:

  • Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • USAble Life
  • Verizon
  • AT&T

Find the Right Fit for Work-Life Balance

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