Moving To A New City Checklist

We’ve done our job at Apartment Hunters and now it’s time for you to move to a new city. There is so much research out there on what all you should do before you cmake that move to a new city, but we’ve taken the guesswork out of it for you. We’ve come together to create you your ultimate checklist before you move so you can be prepared and excited, rather than stressed and anxious. Here is what we have come up with for you

1. Packing and Cleaning

When you are getting your belongings together for your big move, make sure that you box things by room and label them so that whenever you get to your new home you can easily transition your items back into the rooms they belong in. Pack what you need the most very last so that it can be the first thing that you unload whenever you arrive. Once you have everything packed and loaded, make sure that you clean your apartment really well. A Landlord who comes into a cleaned apartment is much more likely to give more of your security deposit than if you were to leave it a mess. You can always hire a cleaning crew, but it is more cost effective to just do it yourself. Whenever you get done cleaning, decide if you are taking your leftover cleaning supplies with you or throwing it away / donating it to someone in need. Now is the perfect time to downsize, starting with things such as half used cleaning supplies is a good first step!

2. Transfer Utilities and Home Subscriptions

Now that you are going to be at a new address, make sure that all of your current utilities such as water, power, gas, wifi etc. are turned off at your old apartment and turned on at your new apartment. We suggest making a list of all of your active utilities, local gym memberships, and home subscriptions so that you can be sure everything is disconnected properly. Do the same thing for what you will need at your new apartment. If you have an auto shipment that comes to your house such as Fab Fit Fun, be sure that it is switched to your new address so that you don’t miss out on next month subscription!

3. Change Your Address

This brings us to our next item on the list. Be sure and change your postal address so that no medical bills, paychecks, subscriptions, etc. are mailed to the wrong address. You can go into your local post office to do this or go here to do an online change of address. 

4. Finding A Good School

If you are not a parent with school aged children, this item on the checklist does not apply to you. However, if you are a parent moving with school aged children, it is incredibly important to enroll your child in school in a good school district. We at Apartment Hunters can help you find the best district for your child. We recommend doing school tours as well, but if you are moving from out of state we know that is not easy and you can trust us with our expertise on the area.

Make sure that you have copies of your child’s school records from their current school to make the transition seamless.

5. Start Looking For Work

Most of you are moving to new cities for a job, however if you are moving just for a change of scenery and you do not have a job waiting for you, it is time to start looking! Make sure your resume is up to date and check out this link to view job openings in the Little Rock area.

6. Find a New Health Care Provider

This one may not seem too important, but there is nothing worse than getting sick or injured when you are new to a city and you have no idea where to go. Getting stuck in a walk in clinic is not what you want, especially during a Pandemic. Make sure you get set up with a Primary Care Physician, a Dentist, Optometrist, and if you have pets, a local Veterinarian Clinic. Again, make sure you have all necessary records with you to make these transitions seamless.

7. Register Your Car

If you’ve moved states, you need to go ahead and make sure your vehicle is registered in your new state and get the address on your address up to date. We know, nobody likes the DMV, but you might as well knock out the things that are least enjoyable early so you do not have to worry about it down the road. Contact your local DMV to find out what their protocols are. You may be able to do everything over the phone, and save yourself a trip.

8. Create a Budget

Everyone’s favorite word, “budget.” The fact of the matter is, a new city has all new expenses that you are not used to. Start making a list of all of your deposits and bills that you will owe monthly and then move onto your expenditures such as gas, groceries, etc. 

Knowing ahead of time what your financial status is will make it easier down the road to enjoy your down time without having to stress over whether or not you can go out with your new friends and still be able to pay this month’s electric bill.

9. Unpack

This one is a no-brainer, but now that you are moved into your new city, you can get to unpacking! If you took the advice from Step One, you will know which room everything belongs in. You can place your boxes in their designated rooms and tackle the unpacking one room at a time. Don’t forget to make your new apartment feel like home. Decorate it the way you want and make it cozy. It’s your space and you should enjoy every moment that you are home.

10. Grocery Shop

There is nothing more satisfying than your first grocery trip in a new apartment. However, satisfying does not mean inexpensive. I would allot this cost into your moving budget. We suggest after you unpack, you make a list of everything you need in your apartment that you do not currently have, along with a grocery list. Take your time at the grocery store, stocking up on these necessities. This will keep you from having to run abc and forth from your apartment to the store whenever you realize you don’t have something.

11. Join a Gym

Now that you are in a new city, it is time to make friends! The easiest way to meet people in a place where you know nobody is at the gym, or anywhere with a group setting for that matter. Now is the time to join a gym, sign up for an art class, check out the local theatre program. You don’t have to commit to forever, just get out and try something new. 

12. Become a Local

When in Rome… explore the local coffee shops in your area, check out what bike and hiking trails are near you, ask around for the best brunch spot in town. This may be similar to number eleven, but the best way to get acclimated to a new city is to fully submerge yourself in it and live like the locals do. This is also the easiest way, again, to make friends. A new city is not near as exciting without people to share it with. 

13. Throw a Housewarming Party

Last, but certainly not least, throw yourself a housewarming party! That may seem intimidating, but start out by inviting your coworkers, neighbors and new friends. It’s a great way to seem inviting and also get to know the people around you. You never know when you’ll need to borrow a cup of sugar, so you might as well get the awkward first interaction over with over drinks and party games.

Now that you have your ultimate checklist, it is time to start enjoying your new city for everything it has to offer!