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How Can I Tour Apartments During The COVID-19 Pandemic?

While things do seem to be opening up more than they were in 2020, it is still important to be careful during this Coronavirus Pandemic. If you are searching for an apartment, you do not have to be scared of visiting different states or travelling or seeing apartments in person all the time. There are other options to tour apartments that will keep you physically distanced from others.

While every landlord may have different processes for showing apartments at this time, it can’t hurt to tell them what you are comfortable with.

Ask About Virtual Tours

Open Houses are a thing of the past now that we are living in the era of a global pandemic. Many landlords are willing to do virtual tours rather than showing apartments in person so that their renters feel comfortable. While some of these tours may be on their websites or their social media pages, other landlords may be willing to FaceTime you and walk you through the house, personally. Be sure to ask your landlord to show you the view you may have in certain rooms or anything you would really be looking at if you were there in person. Ask about the neighborhood and what is going on in the surrounding areas.

View The Rental By Yourself

If a virtual tour is just out of the question, your landlord or realtor may be willing to let you tour a home or apartment solo. Ask if you can have access to the lockbox code to walk through the space on your own. This allows you to view the space and make a list of your questions that you can then ask the realtor or landlord once you are finished walking through, via phone call or email.

Follow Protocol 

Whether you are still wearing PPE or not, your landlord or real estate agent may require that you wear a mask or gloves and social distance while viewing an apartment or home. It is best to follow protocol and make sure that you are both comfortable with being around each other.

Do Your Research

If you may not be able to see a space in person, it is important that you do all of the research you can before you agree to sign a lease. Look up the neighborhood, what is the crime rate in the surrounding areas, rental prices of similar properties, etc. 

You can even join Facebook groups for specific neighborhoods and see what is going on, or reach out to potential neighbors and get their feedback on the location. 

Sign Virtually

It is not just showings that are being done virtually. Closings and signing of leases can be done all over Zoom and email with apps such as DocuSign that allow you to sign important documents confidentially. 

Now that you know what to expect, or what options you may have if you are not comfortable searching for a rental in person, it is time to find your dream apartment!  We have a comprehensive database of listings that include floorplans, videos, maps, photos, and information about amenities, rental costs, deposits, and move-in specials. Let us help you find your home!