A Few Ground Rules For Decorating Rentals

October 11, 2018

The empty apartment you’re about to move all your stuff into is full of potential. You might not see it yet, but take the time to make space your own and you’d be surprised at how quickly the rental will start to feel like home. Rentals need love. Decorate your temporary space so you have something enjoyable to come home to after a long day.


1. Paint Something.

Paint is the easiest and most cost-efficient way to spruce up a space. Paint is cheap and can make a significant difference in the overall feel your rental. Maybe you need a coat to freshen up dull-looking walls. Or maybe you can use paint to give the place a much-needed pop of color.

The general rule is to use neutral colors for your base and accessorize with color.


2. Accessorize. Don’t Clutter.

Everything should have a place. Creating storage space should be an essential part of your decorating process.

Getting your accessories out and properly placed will make that empty apartment feel more like home. Throw pillows and blankets will make a drab apartment feel cozy in no time. Don’t have throw pillows or blankets? Look in your closet for color inspiration. If you notice a color theme in your wardrobe, stick with it when shopping for decor items.


3. Plants!

A vacant space could not have plants. No one would be there to maintain them. That is why so many interior designers recommend plants. Every apartment should have plants. You can find ones that are super easy to take care of. Greenery looks nice and gives rentals a lived-in feel.

Don’t hide them away. Plants make great centerpieces. Place on a coffee table, kitchen counter, or even on your nightstand.


4. What About Your Windows?

Your windows have great potential. Don’t leave them with just the blinds that the apartment comes with. You can find curtains at inexpensive box stores or thrift shops.

Add some kind of trim to all your windows. Even if you are sticking with a minimalistic look. There are curtains to fit that style. Not sure what kind of curtains to look for? Get some inspiration from the web or ask a decor-savvy friend.


5. Statement Wall

Does your apartment still feel cramped? A statement wall in the right place can make a room feel much more spacious. Statement walls are popular in rentals because they can effortlessly bring a drab room to life. Once you are inspired to create a statement wall in your apartment, don’t be afraid to go bold.

Make a statement wall with paint or temporary wallpaper. Get creative with vinyl decals. Dream up something fun. You can be practical when you have a permanent residence.

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