Will My Cat Be Happy In A Downtown Little Rock Apartment?

February 13, 2019

The key to keeping your kitty happy in your Downtown Little Rock apartment is to make sure they are getting enough love and positive attention from you. A well-loved cat can be happy in even the smallest of living spaces.

Here are a few other things to consider if you are looking for a cat-friendly apartment.


They need some sun.

Cats gravitate towards sun spots. They take in as much of that warm, sunny goodness as they can. Does your apartment have good sun spots? It probably does, but maybe you could move some furniture around to maximize sun exposure.

Your cat would also like a perch to watch out the window. Do the windows in your apartment open? Do they have screens? Your cat will love the stimulation they’ll get from all the sounds and smells. There are plenty of ways to get your cat a good window-watching perch. They may find one on their own. Just make sure they are safe from the elements. Loud noises are likely to stress them out.


They will always hear the call of the wild.

By “wild” we mean the upper shelving of your apartment. Cats love exploring, climbing, and hiding. If you have space on your walls, install walkways, bridges, or other means for your cat to reach new heights.

Cats have a natural instinct to push things off tables, shelves, counters, and any flat space that ends with a drop to the floor. The more chaos the better. Remember this if you want to use their climbing space as for decorations or storage.  

Still not sure if your apartment is cat-worthy? This might seem odd, but it really helps to get down on your hands and knees to see your apartment from their perspective. Will they be able to find impossible hiding spaces? Can they roam from room to room and then suddenly transition into a frantic run with no obvious reasoning?


Cats love to play.

You will want to get some toys to have around your apartment. If your cat doesn’t have toys to play with, you can be sure they will find other things to play with — like toilet paper. Give them interactive toys that will give them some stimulation while you are out.

Your cat also needs to play with you.