The Ultimate Guide to Using a Relocation Specialist


Being offered a new job in a new city comes with so much excitement. But the stress and uncertainty begin to set in whenever you start to think about relocating to a place that you are unfamiliar with, in a short period of time. Stay focused on your new job and all the opportunities you are about to experience, while we take care of the moving for you. Apartment Hunters of Arkansas offers expanded relocation services to all of our clients. We are the largest apartment hunting and rental assistance service company in Arkansas. That is why you can trust us to hear your concerns and deliver exactly what you are looking for.

What Do We Need to Know?

So what does working with a relocation a service look like? Once you accept your new job offer and are ready to begin the apartment hunt, give us a call and we will begin the process of finding you exactly what you need. The most important thing we need to know is where you are going to live. Once we know what area of Little Rock or NorthWest Arkansas you need to be in we will move on to what your needs are. This includes amenities and conveniences.  

We’ll take a look at our database, and we’ll send you an e-brochure complete with photos and floorplans of the property listings we think would make a great match. Our Leasing and Relocation Specialist will have a conversation with you about each property. We will then schedule tours for you to see each place! While touring the properties, we’ll also show you around the neighborhood and talk about schools in the area, shopping, restaurants, and other places of interest. Our agents are available to answer any and all questions regarding each property to help you make a well-informed decision on your next home.


Where is your new job? If you are working at the hospital and need to be at work for a 6 am shift, we want to make sure you are in an area with easy access to the interstate and can avoid traffic easily. The less time you spend driving, the more time you can spend enjoying your time off. We know how important your days off are to you and your mental / physical health. If you are looking for a furnished apartment in Little Rock, a home in Hillcrest or an apartment in Chenal might be good choices for you. 

Being closer to work may not be the only thing that is important to you. If you don’t go to the office every day, maybe you want to be near fun nightlife, good restaurants, or the closest Whole Foods Market.



Multiple people who relocate often for work, will rely on public transportation rather than having their own vehicle. It is important for these clients to have a house or apartment near public transportation. Or on the other hand, those who do have vehicles may find it important to have a parking garage. 


Another important thing to consider when talking to your agent about what kind of apartment you want is whether you want it fully furnished or not. Getting a house or apartment that is fully furnished saves you time and money whenever you are relocating.


While furnished apartments are convenient, you also want to note if they have all appliances included. If not, is there a laundry room on site? These are important things to consider. Having to go to the laundromat weekly can take a major toll on your bank account.

What Amenities Should I Want

Some things to consider wanting in your housing are


  • Laundry on site
  • Appliances
  • Pool
  • Gym on site
  • Heat and air conditioning
  • Parking
  • Updated kitchens
  • Wifi
  • Elevators


Work is not everything in your life and should not be the only factor when choosing where you want to live. We take into consideration multiple factors when placing you in a home or apartment. For example


  • Do you have pets
  • What do you enjoy doing on your days off
  • Is luxury important to you
  • Do you have school aged children


We are no stranger to the fact that pets are some of the most important companions. If you have pets, we will look for housing that first, allows pets, and second is either close to a dog park, has a yard, etc. 

If you enjoy exciting nightlife, hiking at Pinnacle Mountain, or volunteering at local churches, we take all of this into consideration to make sure you enjoy your time off just as much (let’s be honest, a little more) as your time at your new job.

If luxe living is important to you, it may be important to have a nice pool area, an on site gym, nice countertops and large tv’s. We weed out the housing that doesn’t fit your lifestyle.

And most importantly, if you have children, we want to make sure you are in a good school zone. We also want to make sure you aren’t stuck in an apartment building with college aged kids, who stay up all night and keep you and your children awake. No kids? Then maybe that is exactly what you’re looking for.

No matter what you’re looking for, we want you to feel at home.


Sometimes whenever you relocate for a job, it is only temporary. Travel nurses for instance, may live somewhere just for a few months before they are on to the next. Oftentimes landlords will not allow a tenant to sign a lease that is shorter than a year. That is where we can help. We have a relationship with many housing providers that allow us to pass you onto a short term lease.

What will it cost me

So you must be thinking this is too good to be true, what is this going to cost me? And the answer will surprise you! Our service is complimentary because we are compensated by the owners of the properties when we bring them qualified renters.  We are a Real Estate Company specializing in rental properties. We pre-qualify each person and family to determine their needs, wants, and desires in locating that perfect apartment home or rental property. You can enjoy the luxury of having us find housing for you, at no cost to you!


Don’t let the stress of moving delay your new career opportunities. Give us a call today to begin hunting for somewhere you can call home.