Spring Cleaning Tips for Your New Apartment

Nothing is more exciting for a renter than the thrill of a new apartment, especially after a big move. While cleaning your old place after moving out can feel like a chore, cleaning your new place is usually more fun due to the thrill of all the new opportunities in your life opening up before you. No matter what time of year you move into a new apartment, doing some “spring cleaning” or deep cleaning can help you get settled and make the new space feel more like home. You’ll be more comfortable in your new space once you know you’ve gone the extra mile to clean and restore it to its best condition. Plus, doing some deep cleaning on your new apartment can help you communicate to your landlord that you are a conscientious tenant, which will serve you well during the length of your tenancy. First impressions are the most important, after all.

How to Spring Clean Your New Apartment Like a Professional

Get started before you move in. Getting an early jump on deep cleaning your new apartment can help you spread out the work over a longer period of time, allowing you to complete each task in a thorough rather than rushed manner. If you deep clean before you move in, you’ll have easier access to every nook and cranny of your new space–before your furniture and boxes of things are all in the way. Landlords often appreciate a new tenant’s willingness to deep clean their new apartment and will usually be generous in allowing you time and access to the property in order to do so. It never hurts to politely ask! 

Don’t rush–take your time. Take a moment to evaluate the state of your property (taking photos as needed to document any existing damages you don’t want to be held accountable for when you move out) and make a plan for your initial cleaning efforts. Identify and prioritize what needs to be done. As you move throughout the apartment, be sure to take your time when completing each cleaning task. A rushed job will only need to be re-done later–and don’t forget, you’ll be exhausted after you’ve moved all your things and put all of your possessions away. Cleaning thoroughly on the front end is a favor you can do for your future self. 

Start at the top and work down. As you are dusting the apartment, be sure to do ceiling fans and light fixtures first, then window sills and countertops, then floors. This means you won’t have to clean up any extra messes you might make while chasing down those dust bunnies. 

Disinfect all surfaces. Pay special attention to parts of the house where people are most likely to leave germs. Using the appropriate products, carefully disinfect the kitchen and bathroom so that you don’t accidentally come into contact with any bacteria or viruses that the previous tenants may have left behind. 

Make it fun. Invite a friend or two to help you deep clean your new apartment. Play some music if you can, and dance while you work. Bringing a fun energy to your new space can help make the cleaning process fly by and lift your mood, which will help you tackle the rest of the moving process you’re sure to be dealing with. You’ve got this! 

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