Should Walk-In Closets Be a Priority When Choosing Rentals?

November 5, 2018

Small, temporary rentals are more likely to feature reach-in closets. While townhomes and larger apartments feature walk-in closets. Most landlords know potential tenants take note of the kind of storage space a rental provides. A walk-in closet could be a selling point.

Some renters would like more floor space. Some renters would like less clutter in their living space. The debate between walk-in closets and reach-in closets probably won’t cross your mind unless you are building a home or choosing between rentals. Here are some of our thoughts.


The negative aspect of walk-in closets:

Walk-in closets also enable our habit of holding onto unnecessary things — just in case. It is tough to purge your closet. Your could give your prom dress away, but what if…

  • Someone in your family could use within the next 20 years,
  • It comes back in style,
  • Becomes the foundation of the best Halloween costume ever, or
  • You develop amnesia and can only be cured with personal belongings that remind you of significant events in your life (say, prom?).


Getting rid of an item doesn’t mean you are getting rid of a memory (you probably have pictures). The item isn’t harmless because it is sitting away in storage. It is adding to the clutter that can begin cause you stress.

Let’s face it. Most of us wear the same five outfits over and over again. Smaller closets will have just what you need for every day and a few items for special occasions.

Space not being used to make your closet larger turns into floor space you can use to make your living space more comfortable.


The benefits of walk-in closets:

Statistically, houses that have walk-in closets sell faster. Perhaps we have become so used to this trend, the thought of not having the option is unacceptable — where would we put our ski gear?. Walk-in closets have more space so you can keep more things in one organized place. 

Walk-in closets are easy to organize. The extra space leaves room for owners to customize their closet to best suit their needs — even in rentals.

The extra storage space these closets provide help keep the living spaces of your rental free of clutter.