Are You Planning to Move Soon?

Did you know that the majority of people move in the summertime? Maybe, it’s because school is out or it’s warmer to move. There are probably lots of reason for summer being a “hot” time to move. But, did you ever consider moving in the winter? 

Apartment Hunters (Tuggle Services, Inc.) has been assisting clients for over 23 years in their moving efforts. While it’s true that most people move in the summer, Apartment Hunters monitors rental rates all year long, and we have statistics showing that rental rates are much lower in the winter months than they are in the summer months. 

Therefore, it is more affordable and cost effective for someone to move in the colder months. Also, Apartment Hunters has seen more concessions given during the winter months and more options of rentals to choose from during this time frame. So, go ahead and make plans to move now!!! Call us at 501-219-2787. Our service is Free to you!

Apartment Hunters can help you find just the right apartment. Call us today to learn more!