New Years Resolutions For Your Apartment

January 18, 2019

You’ve found and rented on of the best apartments in Little Rock.

Welcome a new year with some resolutions to keep this space enjoyable. Small cleaning tips here and there can make a world of difference without taking up too much of your time and effort.

1. Soak dishes before sitting down to eat.

Many of us are guilty of putting off doing the dishes, rationalizing that it “needs time to soak”. It takes seconds. Put the pots and pans you used to make your meal in the sink and fill them with soapy water.

2. Check for bad leftovers in the fridge right before you take the trash out.

You don’t want them to sit in the trash for any amount of time. You also don’t want them to stay in your fridge. The best option is to make a habit of checking the fridge as you are heading to take the trash outside.

3. Keep trash bags in convenient places.

Speaking of taking out the trash, new trash bags should always be convenient. Line your trash cans with layers of bags so you don’t have to remember to put in a new one after taking the trash out (this also helps with leaks).

Or, fold up a few trash bags and keep them at the bottom of the trashcan, under the bag currently being used.

4. Make organizing your closet part of your weekly laundry routine.

If you can’t put clothes in the right place within a few seconds, you need to re-organize your closet. Convenient, accessible storage will make your life so much easier.

Maybe you’ll actually wear that shirt you keep forgetting about.

5. Keep your place presentable.

Is your Little Rock apartment ready for guests? If the answer is no, it’s time to think of ways you can maintain your apartment’s appearance. You want to be ready for any surprise visits.

Also, many renters find that their mood was improved when they de-cluttered their apartment. Clean your apartment for you, not just guests.

6. Choose good cleaning products.

Don’t forget to choose your cleaning products carefully. When it comes to cleaning products, you need to consider more than just pricing. You want to know that the chemicals you are cleaning with are safe. You should also go for cleaning products with scents you know you’ll enjoy.

7. Clean the bathroom every week.

Last but not least, make a plan to clean your bathroom once a week. Skeptical? Try it for one month. You’ll be surprised at how much easier your bathroom is to clean. Less dust and grime means less time cleaning.

Good luck!

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