Live in Stifft Station-Capitol View

If you’re looking for a new apartment and the very idea of downloading Zillow is getting you down, we’re here to help! At Apartment Hunters, we just need to know what you’re looking for in an apartment and living community and then you just sit back and relax while we find it for you! We’ve helped hundreds of people find places that were just right for them.

How Does Apartment Hunters Work in the Stifft Station and Capitol View Area?

When it’s time to start looking for a new apartment, go ahead and make an appointment with one of our experienced Relocation Experts. The appointment will consist mostly of a friendly conversation about what you’re looking for in an apartment and what locations you’re open to trying. We’ll be asking you a few questions to help us narrow down the options:

  • What amenities are important to you (i.e. dishwasher, laundry room, backyard)
  • What type of floor plan you’d like
  • What kind of timeline you’re on
  • What your budget range looks like

Once we understand what you’re looking for, we start hunting! Our Relocation Experts employ a state-of-the-art database that automatically applies all the latest move-in specials and employer discounts to the most recent updated availabilities. That means you’ll be getting the best deals on apartments that haven’t even been listed publicly yet!

Once we have some good options lined up for you, we’ll drive you straight to those locations to show you the properties ourselves – and that’s always a free service! Getting lost in Stifft Station is not how you craft a good experience, and we want to make sure your apartment hunting experience is as pleasant as humanly possible.


Locate Stifft Station – Capitol View

Why Stifft Station/Capitol View?

Stifft Station and Capitol View are overlapping areas of Little Rock that are located just below Hillcrest. Its boundaries roughly include South of West Markham, North of I-630, East of Pine, and West of Summit. Oh and also some of South of Riverview between Park and Summit. Lost yet? No worries – we’ll guide you through it and really all you need to know is that Stifft Station is a trendy, artsy, edgy little community of about 1500 homes. Stifft Station and Capitol View both have historic districts and registered historic homes sprinkled in with newer construction from the 30s all the way up through the early 90s. 

The Most Progressive Neighborhood in Little Rock

Stifft Station is known as “the most progressive neighborhood in Little Rock.” Homes are being renovated and rebuilt and businesses are moving in to keep up with demand. The Stifft Station and Capitol View area are often viewed as “up-and-coming” by locals. It’s a neighborhood that draws young families and professionals because, despite its “Hillcrest-ian” architectural vibe, it’s much more affordable and has a quirky charm to it. 

Things to Do in Stifft Station/Capitol View

White Water Tavern

The White Water Tavern is a dive bar like no other in Little Rock. It’s funky decor offsets classic bar food and a hopping live music venue. There are older, classier, prettier bars in Little Rock to be sure – but this bar has history. Named for the owner’s love of white water paddling, there’s still an old canoe hanging that reminds visitors of its name. From country to grunge punk, the music that’s taken the White Water stage is truly an eclectic marvel – check it out any night of the week!

The Oyster Bar

The Oyster bar is a cajun style seafood place with specials like shrimp gumbo, fried catfish, etouffee, and of course…oysters – half shell or fried! We recommend the hushpuppies – literally the best we’ve ever had. This place has been open since 1975 – the building was built in 1924 as a neighborhood grocery. If you’re looking for a place where the locals eat – this is that restaurant. 

Pizza D’Action

The first thing you should know about Pizza D’Action is that no one calls it that. Don’t mark yourself an “outsider” and let it slip in front of the regulars! It’s known locally as Pizza D’s and it’s the divey-est of dive bars. They make a killer pizza and serve up criminally cheap beers to a host of regulars and attraction seekers from out of town. They’ve been open for more than 40 years right on the curve of Markham where Hillcrest ends and Stifft Station begins. Because of that curve, they’ve actually had multiple cars drive right through the front of the shop (but no worries – no one has ever been hurt). I Little Rock cultural institution, it’s not to be missed.

Stone’s Throw Brewing

Stone’s Throw Brewing is a local brewery that sits in a quaint, historic storefront “just a stone’s throw away” from all the best and most vibrant neighborhoods in Little Rock. Stone’sThrow is the brainchild of four guys who met at the local brewing club. It’s what’s known as a “nano-brewery” taproom. It only seats about 15-20 people inside (although plenty more squeeze in during trivia night) and about four picnic tables on the patio attached to the side. This place is filled with regulars – and with the ever-rotating selection of locally brewed beers and delicious pub fare, it’s not hard to see why.

The Community Garden

If you have a green thumb (or you wish that you did), the Woodruff Community Garden will make Stifft Station/Capitol View all the more appealing. An acre of land located on the corner of Brown and Seventh Street, it’s clear that this is a beloved community fixture. It’s well kept and in the spring and summer, it’s common to see women in wide-brimmed hats loving tending to their patches. 


If you’re looking for an apartment in Stifft Station/Capitol View, make an appointment with one of our relocation experts. We’d love to help you find your dream apartment! Give us a call directly or contact us online – we’re here to help take the headache out of apartment hunting.