Live In Quapaw

Looking for a new apartment is exciting! You get to choose a new neighborhood, a new style and daydream about high-end amenities and Pinterest decor. But then everything you heart on Zillow is gone before you even get to see it! Or worse, you do get to see it and the pictures were… not accurate. And everything you love is just so far out of your price range. 

That’s why Apartment Hunters is here! We believe that this should be a joyful process of discovery instead of the exhausting slog it has become. Tell us what you want, and then we’ll go find it for you – it’s as simple as that! Skip the heartbreak and late-night scrolling through endless crappy pictures (we’re looking at you lady who fisheye’s the tiny bathroom). 

We’ve helped hundreds of people find apartments in Little Rock. Let us help you too!

How Does Apartment Hunters Work in Quapaw?

It’s pretty easy, actually! Once you know it’s time to move, make an appointment with one of our Relocation Experts. During the initial appointment, we’ll ask about what you’re looking for in your new apartment – style, budget, location, etc. Be prepared to answer these questions when you come in:

  • What amenities are important to you (i.e. dishwasher, hardwoods, backyard)?
  • What type of floor plan would you like (studio, 1 bedroom, 2 bath, etc.)?
  • What kind of timeline do we need to respect?
  • What does your budget look like?

Once we have an understanding of who you are and what you want, we start hunting! Our Relocation Experts use a state-of-the-art database that automatically applies all the latest move-in specials and employer discounts to the most recently updated availabilities. 

Since this system was meant to be used by real estate professionals, you’re getting killer deals – often on properties that haven’t even been listed publicly! No more having your favorites snatched out from underneath you! You deserve the time it takes to really assess a place, consider your options, and make an informed decision.

Once we’ve rounded up our favorite options for you, we’ll drive you to those locations and show you the apartment ourselves. Getting lost in Quapaw is not how we want your apartment hunting experience to start. Just consider us your personal chauffeur! This is a complimentary service that we provide for all of our customers. One perk among many…

Locate Quapaw

Why Quapaw?

The Quapaw Quarter (or Quapaw as the locals call it) features the oldest and most historic homes and businesses in Little Rock. Some homes date back to before the Civil War! 19th-century homes line MacArthur Park and the governor’s mansion property. Homes in the Governor’s Mansion District date from about 1880-1920. It’s a stunning collection of Colonial Revival, Queen Anne, and Craftsman architecture. 

There are fifteen separate National Historic Register Districts that make up the Quapaw Quarter. And there are over 200 homes and buildings on the National Register of Historic Places! The exterior of one of these homes – Villa Marre – is better known as the outside of the interior design firm run by the Sugarbaker women in the CBS show Designing Women,

The neighborhood is nine square miles of gorgeous antebellum and Victorian homes in the central business district.  The majority of the restored and historic buildings are residential homes and private businesses. Although they’re not open to the public, you can still enjoy them from the street or on one of the city’s walking tours!

The area was named in 1961 after the Quapaw Indians who lived in the area centuries ago. 

Things to Do In Quapaw


Spring Tours

Every spring, the Quapaw Quarter Association puts on events leading up to their annual Spring Tour of Homes. They pick a different historic section and ask homeowners to open their homes for touring as well as taking you through public buildings in the area. There are themed preview parties and events beforehand. It’s a great way to get to know your neighborhood and immerse yourself in the history of Little Rock!


Summer Suppers

In the summer, the QQA hosts a series of “Summer Suppers” where you eat dinner in a historic property!  It’s a beautiful setting, a delicious meal, and a fantastic way to make friends with neighbors and fellow history buffs and lovers of food. 


The MacArthur Museum of Arkansas Military History

Located in the Little Rock Arsenal in the Tower Building, the MacArthur Museum of Arkansas Military History was created to showcase the state’s military heritage. It covers territorial years through present time. The Tower Building was the birthplace of General Douglas MacArthur and the exhibits include artifacts, photographs, uniforms, and weapons.


The Bernice Gardens

The Bernice Gardens are truly a gem of downtown Little Rock. The gardens are open to the public most days and there are both botanical and vegetable gardens to view. Several community events are held in the Bernice Gardens and they are also a popular wedding venue among Millenials. Mid-April through mid-November, the grounds are home to the Farmer’s Market, and every second week, April-October, check out the Vintage Market for cool, quirky finds! 

If you’re looking for an apartment in Quapaw, make an appointment with one of our relocation experts. Our goal is to help you find the apartment of your dreams – at a price you can afford! Ditch Zillow and leave it to the real professionals.