North Little Rock, AR

Looking for an apartment should be fun! Scrolling through Zillow and imagining yourself in each quirky new find lets you imagine more than just a new apartment – it’s a whole new you! A chance to redecorate, start a garden, or adopt a puppy now that you have a fenced-in back yard! 

But then reality starts to settle in. All of those gorgeous finds are out of your price range, don’t come with a washer-dryer, charge $800 non-refundable pet deposits, or (worse!) they’re off the market before you even get to view them. 

That’s exactly why we started Apartment Hunters in the first place! We wanted to take the stress and the heartache out of apartment hunting and make it fun again. Our process is simple – tell us what you want, and we find it for you! That way you can keep dreaming big, without the dream-crushing work involved in researching and setting up viewings.

Skip the heartbreak and the endless scrolling and give us a call instead! We’ve helped hundreds of people find that perfect apartment in North Little Rock. We can help you too!

How Does Apartment Hunters Work in North Little Rock?

We kept our mission and our process easy. That allows us to focus on what’s important – finding you a fantastic new apartment! Once it’s time to think about moving from your old place, make an appointment with one of our Relocation Experts. During that appointment, you’ll be asked about your wants and needs – style, budget, location requirements, etc. To prepare, just think about these questions:

  • What amenities are important to you (i.e. dishwasher, hardwoods, backyard)?
  • What type of floor plan would you like (studio, 1 bedroom, 2 bath, etc.)?
  • What kind of timeline do we need to respect?
  • What does your budget look like?

Once we know you a little better, we start hunting! Our Relocation Experts use a state-of-the-art database that automatically applies all the latest move-in specials and employer discounts to the most recently updated availabilities. 

Since this system was designed for professionals in the real estate business, you get killer deals – sometimes on properties that haven’t yet been publicly listed! No more losing your favorites before you get a chance to see them! Now you’ll have the time you need to assess each apartment, consider your options carefully, and make a decision.

Once we round up our favorite places based on your requirements, we’ll drive you to those locations and show you the apartment ourselves. Getting lost in North Little Rock is not how we want your apartment hunting experience to start. We’ll chauffeur you right into your new life – no extra charge! 

Locate North Little Rock

Why North Little Rock?

Located on the north shore of the Arkansas River, North Little Rock is actually a separate city from Little Rock. There are different school systems, mayors, and neighborhoods. However, much of North Little Rock is located in Pulaski County – the same as a large portion of Little Rock. 

North Little Rock used to be considered “the other side of the tracks,” but it has undergone a startling transformation in the last ten years. Locally owned businesses and restaurants have popped up all over – especially in the Argenta District along Main Street. 

Riverside Attractions

The Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum, the Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame, Dickey-Stephens baseball park, the North Shore Walk and the METRO Streetcar are all found riverside along the border or North Little Rock. Spend the day absorbing history, riding original and refurbished streetcars, and then finish off the day watching the Travelers play in Dickey-Stephens park! In the summer there are usually fireworks and a children’s play area (complete with bouncy castles!) to keep the whole family entertained.


The downtown Argenta Historic District is lined with locally owned bars, restaurants and shops. Four Quarter Bar has shuffleboard and the best Cosmos in the state!  Stop by Capeo for authentic Italian fare and some limoncello. Or check out the Argenta Drug Company! It’s the oldest continuously operating pharmacy west of the Mississippi – built in 1887!

The Old Mill

The Old Mill is a must-see in North Little Rock. A charming little park located in Lakewood neighborhood, it contains an authentic reproduction of an old water-powered grist mill. It actually appeared in the 1939 classic, “Gone With the Wind”! 

Though it’s electrically powered now, you can still watch the mill turn and there’s a huge population of friendly ducks to feed in the park’s pond. The magical, tree-shaped concrete structures and hidden bridges make it feel like an enchanted forest. The atmosphere makes it a very popular spot to take wedding pictures, fantasy-themed Instagram shoots, prom pics, and senior headshots.

If you’re looking for an apartment in North Little Rock, make an appointment with one of our relocation experts. Our goal is to help you find the apartment of your dreams – at prices you can actually afford! Ditch Zillow and leave it to the real professionals.