Live in Cabot, AR!

We know that looking for a new apartment can be a frustrating and overwhelming process. But that’s why we started this business! Let Apartment Hunters find the apartments so you don’t have to. All you have to do is communicate what your ideal apartment and community looks like and then view the options we find for you!

How Does Apartment Hunters Work in Cabot?

Once the hunt for a new apartment in Cabot begins, just contact one of our Relocation Experts and we’ll get started on finding you the perfect place to call home. We’ll schedule a time to sit down and go over your expectations and desires in a living space and generally get to know you a little better. A few things you should be prepared to cover:

  • What amenities you’d like (a washer/dryer, a pool, high ceilings, new floor, etc.)
  • What type of floor plan you like 
  • What your timeframe looks like
  • What your budget can afford

Once we have a better sense of your preferences and style, we’ll start lining up options for you to view! Our Relocation Experts utilize a state-of-the-art database that uses all of the latest move-in specials and employer discounts and sorts by most recent availability. Oftentimes this means you’ll get to view apartments and houses that aren’t even publicly listed yet!

Once we’ve narrowed it down to our favorite options based on our conversations with you, we’ll take you to view those locations and drive you to the apartment ourselves. That way you don’t get lost, you don’t spend time awkwardly waiting in the car for us or worry about running late! We want to make sure your experience is as stress-free as possible, so we offer this complimentary service to all of our clients.  


Locate Cabot

Why Cabot?


Cabot is the largest city in Lonoke County and is considered a suburb of Little Rock. With a population of about 27,000, it’s ranked as the state’s 19th largest city. Cabot is located close to the Little Rock Airforce Base, so if you’re employed with the airforce, this can be a very comfortable commute. The population of Cabot has quintupled since the 80s so most of the houses and developments are well-planned, new construction. 

Cabot is also known for having the best schools in Arkansas, so if you have children, this could be an excellent place to settle into your dream apartment.

Things To Do in Cabot

Cabot used to be a commuter town for people who worked in Little Rock but loved the school system in Cabot. Now, it’s a city in its own right and there are restaurants, movie theaters, outdoor sports, golfing, and entertainment venues that serve the demands of the growing population.



Cabot has golf courses that adjoin both Greystone Country Club (located in the city’s North end) and Rolling Hills Country Club (Southeast Cabot). Both greens are a full eighteen (18) holes and popular with nearby residents. An excellent reason for joining aside from a love of golf as a sport is that both country clubs are exceptions to Cabot’s legal status as a “dry county” – meaning there is no alcohol sold in city limits, outside of restaurants with special permits. The only other exception to this rule is the Veterans of Foreign Wars post.


Strawberry Fest

Strawberry fest is a similar event to Cabotfest but it’s held in the spring annually. There is a small area in Arkansas (along highway 67/167) where strawberries were grown in the early 1900s. The railroad was new and strawberries were shipped all over the country from Cabot, Arkansas. We celebrate this history with – you guessed it! – strawberry themed everything, and it is truly a sight to behold.



One of Cabot’s largest annual events is Cabotfest – a community fair that has grown exponentially over the decades into a full-blown festival. Located in the downtown Cabot area every October, it’s host to music, food, games, shows, and just about everyone in town!


Mean Pig BBQ

If you’re a fan of Man vs. Food on the Travel Channel, you may have seen Adam Richman at the Mean Pig BBQ in Cabot (check out Season 2, “Little Rock” episode). The host of the show traveled all the way here in 2009 to try the “Shut-Up Juice Challenge.” The Shut Up Juice Challenge involves eating a large pulled pork sandwich – topped with coleslaw of course – that has been inundated with “Shut-Up Juice.” What is Shut Up Juice you might ask? It is barbeque sauce mixed with a full tablespoon of undiluted, concentrated habanero extract. Check out the episode to see how Adam faired.


Greer’s Ferry

Greer’s Ferry Lake is not technically in Cabot, but it is very close by and almost all of its residents who can own a boat. You’ll see trucks and vans full of people ferrying back and forth from the lake with ice coolers and floats all summer long. Whether you’re into skiing, fishing or boating, you’ll have plenty of room and companions to accommodate you. If you’re more land-bound in your pursuits there are also beautiful walking and hiking trails surrounding Greer’s Ferry Lake.  


Spiritual Pursuits

There are 40 churches in Cabot, of all denominations. If you’re good at math, you’ll know that that brings the city to a ratio of 640 people per church. If you’ve been looking for a new church family, chances are you’ll find something that speaks to you in Cabot. 

If you’re interested in finding an apartment in Cabot, AR, make an appointment with one of our relocation experts and we’ll walk you through the Apartment Hunters process. We know that we can help you find your perfect new home!