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Bryant is an up-and-coming city that sits just 20 miles outside Little Rock. The city has experienced significant economic growth. Bryant residents enjoy a safe, family-friendly community.

With some of the highest performing public elementary, middle, and high schools in the state,  – Bryant public schools are in the top 10% in the state of Arkansas – Bryant is a great place for families. School spirit is readily apparent around Bryant neighborhoods and community events. During football season you’ll find a stadium full of supportive family and community members cheering on the Hornets. 

Cheers and team spirit are easy, win or lose. For the Hornet’s, 2018 7A State Champions, it’s usually a win. 

Bryant’s unique attractions include the Geographic Center of Arkansas — a few steps ahead, Arkansas’s largest vintage market, a community water polo team, and more. 

Bryant neighborhoods are top choices for Arkansas residents looking for that small-town charm, without being too far away from larger cities. Its convenient location has been a significant factor in the city’s economic growth in the past 20 years.

Here are a few things to know about living in Bryant.


Locating Bryant

→ Things to Do in Bryant

1. Attend and/or participate in sporting events.

Bryant has great sporting opportunities for kids and adults. The Parks Department has no shortage of well-attended sporting events. Bishop Park, located at 6401 Boone Rd, is so much more than just a park. It is a large multipurpose community center. The park has space for almost any type of sports residents are interested in.  

The Bryant community comes together to play, cheer, and perhaps learn a new sport. — Anyone up for some inner tube water polo? 

The exceptional schools in Bryant offer more than just top-rated education. They have thriving sports teams. Support and team spirit are readily apparent around Bryant businesses, neighborhoods, and community events. 

Youth baseball teams in Bryant also have something to cheer about with more than a few district, state, and regional championships. The programs for youth baseball are exceptional and the games are a great way to bring the community together. 

Baseball and football aren’t the only sporting activities bringing the community together. For example, HOSA, a club at Bryant High School, hosts a 5K run at Bryant Stadium every year. The best part? All the runners are dressed in their best elf costume. 

The “Running Of The Elves 5K” is a community-centered event. You can expect Best Dressed Elf awards — if you don’t like sleigh bells, maybe sit this one out — and several activities for kids. 

2. Find new-to-you items at vintage shops.

Bryant is home to the largest vintage market in the state of Arkansas. The Cotton Shed Vintage Market, located along highway I-30 at 22460 I-30 North, does more than host local vendors with the rarest of hidden treasures, it hosts frequent, public DIY workshops for anyone to attend.

Click here to see some of their DIY works.

3. Enjoy the Natural State.

The community of Bryant wouldn’t be able to enjoy the great outdoors as they do without the help of the cities parks department. Bryant Parks and Recreation knows how healthy it is for the community to get moving, develop relationships, and spend time enjoying the outdoors. They work hard to offer the best opportunities. 

Alcoa 40 Park extends the cities available areas for sports and recreation. You’ll find everything from baseball fields to fencing classes. This park also offers clean bathrooms, paved parking, and so much more. The park is located at 1110 Shobe Rd.

How would you like to spend the afternoon outdoors? Golf is a top choice in Bryant. The Hurricane Golf & Country Club is just down the road from Alcoa 40 Park. Members have access to pristine facilities and private coaching to improve their golfing skills.

4. Take your dog for a walk.

Mills Park Nature Trail is a 1.6-mile walking trail that loops around Mills Park. This paved trail is a great option for local dog owners to give their dog some exercise – and perhaps socialize a little. 

Mills Park is located at 1003 Mills Park Rd. 

Alcoa 40 Park has a few perks for your four-legged buddy, too. The Bryant Bark Park was recently “un-leashed” for dogs of all sizes. It sits right between Alcoa 40 Park and Shobe Rd. 


5. Get involved with the community.

In Bryant, you can just get coffee with the mayor. One of the many great benefits of small-town life. The City Hall sets up a casual event for residents to hang out with Mayor Allen E. Scott. 

Click here to see City Hall’s events page on Facebook. 

The small town takes every advantage of a close-knit community to make a difference. Bishop Park hosts the local Boys & Girls Club. The Bryant Animal Control & Adoption Center hosts several events to benefit the cats and dogs waiting on a home. In October, you can participate in a Howl-O-Week toy drive. See more events here.

Bryant Neighborhoods

Here are a few of Bryant’s safe, family-friendly neighborhoods.

Jean Cove / Springhill Farms Dr.

Find Jean Cove / Springhill Farms Dr. just outside Little Rock. This quiet neighborhood sits further back from I-30. 


Heading south on I-30, take exit 123 towards Bryant/Bauxite. Turn right off the frontage road to head down Springhill Road. After you pass Hilltop Road you are in the neighborhood.


Bauxite is the southern-most neighborhood in Bryant. It is also just off highway 1-30.


Heading south on I-30, take exit 123 onto AR-183 towards Bryant/Bauxite. Stay in the right lane to get onto I-30 E. Look for AR-183 (Reynolds Rd) and merge onto it. From there you can go all the way to Bauxite City Hall.


Collegeville is just off the 1-30 highway. The neighborhood goes right up against the east side of Hurricane Lake. 


Heading south on I-30, take exit 124 toward Bryant Parkway. Now you are in the general area. Turn right on to Raymar Road and take a left on to Echo Lake Blvd. This will take you towards the heart of the neighborhood.

City Center

Just before you reach Bauxite, you’ll find yourself in the neighborhood the locals call “City Center.” It’s home to Mills Park. 


Heading south on I-30, take exit 124 toward Bryant Parkway. The I-30 Frontage Rd. will take you to Raymar Rd. Turn Right. If you see signs for 1-30 E, you’re in the right place. Turn right onto Johnswood Rd. then left onto Mills Park Rd.