Apartment Hunters in Benton, Arkansas

Benton, Arkansas is conveniently located along highway I-30 between Little Rock and Hot Springs. The city is known for its family-friendly community, nationally rated schools, and outdoor attractions. 

Apartment Hunters has the inside scoop on all the available homes and apartments to rent in Benton. Our team will talk to you about the area. Then we’ll narrow down apartments based on your preferences and lifestyle. 

Away from the bigger cities, Benton is a great place to see Arkansas’s natural attractions. Residents enjoy being close to some of Arkansas’s treasured outdoor experiences. 

Benton is a great place for families. The family-friendly benefits don’t stop at Benton’s nationally rated public schools. This neighborhood is home to some of Arkansas’s top attractions to suit all ages. The community is a great, friendly place for families of all sizes.

Young professionals are attracted to Benton for its thriving local economy, and convenient location between two major Arkansas cities, Little Rock and Hot Springs.



From Little Rock, get on I-630 E and take the 139A – 139B exit to merge onto I-30 W towards Texarkana. From I-30 W take exit 117 and merge onto the I-30 frontage road AR-5. Turn right onto AR-5. This will land you about in the heart of the neighborhood.

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Here are a few things you should know about living in Benton, Arkansas

→ Things to Do in Benton

1. Get Moving

There is no shortage of fitness opportunities in Benton. This variety gives residents a chance to discover new ways to get fit and stay healthy. — Can exercise actually be fun? 

Here are a few of Benton’s top fitness establishments.

Yoga, Pilates, Barre, and More in Benton

Boutique fitness establishments are thriving. The classes they offer will give you a whole new perspective on whole-body workouts. Ready to take your fitness to the next level? Find Barre classes, Yoga classes, and Boot Camps at McClure Fitness, located at 1200 Library Dr. This local establishment also offers meal planning, personal training, and a variety of workouts. 

Need a faster option? Life gets busy. That doesn’t mean you need to neglect your own health. HOTWORX, located on 20320 I-30 N, offers yoga, pilates, and a variety of cardio classes. The difference? You’ll be working out in a new kind of gym. Using infrared heat and isometrics, HOTWORX classes can give you a full-body workout in 15 to 30 minutes.

Golf Courses in Benton

Perhaps golf is your exercise of choice. Benton has a lovely, local golf course for residents to enjoy. 

Benton isn’t a huge city. Larger properties are either privately owned or outfitted for other uses, like equestrian attractions. The one golf course in Benton sits between Longhills Dr. and Shoal Creek Dr. Nearby apartment complexes are perfect for golf enthusiasts or apartment-dwellers looking for space with a lovely view. 

Interested? Check out The Greens at Longhills and let us know if any apartments stand out. 

Longhills Golf Course, located at 327 Highway 5 N, stretches away from the busy highway and into the neighborhood. It’s a favorite among locals and for residents of larger cities looking for a new golfing challenge. 

Community Centers in Benton with Activities for All Ages

Riverside Park is a shiny new Benton attraction. It has everything you’d expect from a community center and more. The park is home to several centers designed to serve all residents of Benton. With everything from an 18,000 square foot senior center, an indoor aquatic center, and eight softball fields, the park has something fun for everyone.

Riverside Park and its River Center host community events, sporting events, and houses the local Boys & Girls Club of Saline County. 

2. Shop ‘Til You Drop

Benton stretches along I-30, so it makes sense that they would have a great find of vintage and antique markets. It is also home to some great local establishments with high-quality goods. 

Looking for your next go-to boutique? Your search could end just a few blocks from your apartment. Blush Boutique of Benton is located at 1218 Military Rd. inside the Niloak Shopping center. 

Blush has something “for women of all ages and styles!!” Blush Boutique of Benton makes keeping up with fashion and your new favorite trends fun and friendly. The local boutique makes it a point to personalize service to each customer. Click here to learn more. 

If you are looking for a good, nearby antique market, look no further than Olde Towne Benton Feal Market and Antique. This vintage shop is located where a Goodwill used to be, at 303 S East. Stop by and shop for treasures from a variety of unique booths. 

There is a treasure waiting to be found. Click here to see what’s buzzing on the shop’s facebook group. 

3. Go Outside

There is a reason for everyone to get outside and do something fun. Really! Especially in Benton. Here are a few favorite outdoor attractions. 

Got a four-legged friend who loves to play? Benton’s dog park on Fairfield road is a top-rated choice. The park is actually two fenced-in parks, one for large dogs, and one for smaller dogs. It sits right on the edge of the larger Bernard Holland Park on Holland Park Road  — another great Benton attraction. 

Choose between Holland Park, the shores of Sunset Lake, or a day fishing on Saline Lake. 

Do you have kids that need to cool down in the summer? Tyndall Park is a popular Benton city park at 913 E. Sevier St. Benton, AR 72015. Enjoy the seasonal splash pad in the summer and the rest of the park all year round. 


    Looking for a good wedding venue?

    Don’t put down any deposits until you’ve visited these two outdoor beauties in Benton:

    • Carter Farm, 13676 Julius Rd., is popular for its exclusive location and country-chic aesthetic. 
    • St. John’s Chapel By The Creek, 5499 Highway 5, is a gorgeous old-world style stone chapel. A popular choice for brides in Saline County. 

    4. Enjoy Fun, Indoor Activities in Benton

    Arkansas has beautiful outdoor attractions. However, some seasons leave Benton residents looking for some fun indoors. 

    Want an apartment close to Benton city life? Apartment Hunters can find you something with a view near the Royal Theater. South Market Street is a great place to find fun things to do. Visitors are often surprised at the quality of fun this small country town has to offer. 

    Here are a few favorites.  

    Hit Stix Batting Cages

    Love baseball? Learn, practice, or just enjoy baseball at Hit Stix Batting Cages all year long. Located on 3313 Winchester Dr., this family-owned establishment is outfitted for birthday parties, lessons, baseball camps, and more. 

    Sound fun? Contact Hit Stix to learn more.

    The Royal Theater

    Located at 111 S Market St., The Royal Theater is a nationally recognized historic landmark. Its landmark status allows the theatre to thrive. It continues to entertain the Benton community as it has since 1949. 

    See upcoming events here.


    Museums in Benton

    Speaking of history, don’t pass on an opportunity to take a trip back to when Benton was first becoming a town. Benton has two exceptional museums. 

    • Bauxite Historical Association Museum. Located at 6706 Benton Rd.
    • Gann Museum of Saline County. Located at 218 S Market St.