Living Your Best Life In Downtown Little Rock

January 18, 2019

When you think of your “best life” what do you think of? Details? You will find many books on what it means to live your best life and how to be happy. As you move into your apartment in Downtown Little Rock, don’t forget to find some favorites. Whatever your best life looks like, you can live it in Little Rock!


Here are a few common tips for living your best life, and a few Little Rock attractions that can help.


Learn a New Skill

You will find a resource for many different hobbies in Little Rock. You don’t need to be an expert, or a committed hobbyist to dive in.

Trying to eat healthier? Learn to grow your own fruits and veggies at the Two Rivers gardens. These gardening plots are conveniently located in the beautiful outskirts of Little Rock.

Our Farmer’s Market is seasonal. You’ll find vendors set up in the River Market. Although the Farmers Market is seasonal, the River Market is not. Stop by for lunch and find a meal you’ve never tried before.

Need a more active hobby? You will find a large community of cyclist here in Little Rock. We have our Big Dam Bridge, convenient bike shops, miles of trails, and more. Get plugged into the cycling community and participate in one of their many events!

Maybe you’d prefer to learn a skill indoors. Check out the many classes at the Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub. Here you can learn woodworking, pottery, 3D printing, and much more. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find you’ve got quite a talent for designing t shirts.


Good Coffee

For many, a well-lived life consists of the finer things where it counts. If you are a coffee drinker, quality coffee is a valuable find. Here are just a few good coffee shops we have in town.


  • Mylo Coffee Co. Need a good picture for Instagram? This is your place! Mylo is located on Kavanaugh in the Heights. A beautiful part of town just waiting to be explored.
  • Guillermo’s. A great place to study or work on a project. See their coffee roaster right out in the lobby.
  • Mugs Cafe. One of Argenta’s many treasures. This coffee shop offers plenty of seating. It is perfect for meeting with friends or colleagues.


Prioritize Fitness

All the experts seem to arrive at the same conclusion, you can’t live your best life without taking care of your body. Little Rock has many gyms, yoga studios, CrossFit clubs, hiking trails, bike trails (as mentioned before), and more.

However you want to get moving, Little Rock has an option for you.

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