How To Know You've Found The Right Apartment

August 10, 2018

You’ve outlined your “must haves”, chosen a reasonable location, and budgeted your finances. Is that all there is to finding an apartment?

Little Rock is full of many different kinds of apartments for rent. While you can plan all you want, you may still find yourself torn between several reasonable choice apartments. Every renter looking for an apartment has these fears. What if you rent an apartment and discover it is not right three months into their lease. You also don’t want to choose an apartment and always wonder if there was a better option out there.

How do you know when you’ve found the right place to call home?

At Apartment Hunters, we have helped many people find Arkansas apartments. There are a few variables that are difficult to plan for. Here is our best advice.


1. Go back to your list.

When you started hunting for an Arkansas apartment, you probably made separate lists of the features you needed to have in your apartment and the features you wanted to have in your apartment. Now you are facing the problem of having too many choices.

While they might all have the features on your list, only some may have the “fun” features you imagined when you were listing the features you wanted but could do without. Or, perhaps one has the potential to have those features, while the others must remain unchanged.


2. Ask the landlords how much you will be allowed to change.

This is a factor few renters take into account when they are choosing an apartment. You will want an apartment that can be painted. This is because paint is the cheapest and easiest way to spruce up a dull space.


3. Make sure you have accounted for every cost.

Don’t be surprised by any bills. If your choice is hinged on price, a hefty pet fee could mean all the difference for your decision.


4. Trust your instincts.

Our best advice when it comes to choosing is to trust yourself when you know you’ve found the right apartment. Life has a funny way of throwing things around. Sometimes there are too many variables to account for.

Not to sound too cliche, but we recommend finding comfort in the here-and-now. Does this apartment feel right while you feel grounded and not worrying about the future or over past experiences?