Keeping Furnished Apartments Cool In The Summer

May 7, 2018

Furnished apartments provide residents with comfortable amenities, convenient locations, and a personal escape from the classic, humid heat Arkansas summers are known for.

Do you often find yourself wanting to conserve energy? Arkansas residents have been finding ways to keep cool long before air conditioning was invented. Here are a few things you can do to keep cool and conserve energy while you enjoy—actually “survive” seems like a better word here, but even with the weather we LOVE Little Rock—Arkansas summers. Here are a few tips for keeping furnished apartments cool.

Watch the Windows in Furnished Apartments.

Windows seem so innocent. They are beautiful and bring in the best kind of light. They also have a significant effect on the climate of your apartment, good and bad. They don’t keep cold air out as well as insulated walls do in the winter and they have a tendency to let heat from sunlight into your apartment during the summer.

Use your windows to create a draft in your furnished apartments: Locate all the windows in your furnished apartment. Take note of their location respective to the main room of the apartment.

Creating a draft is one of the best ways you can cool down furnished apartments without having to turn on the air conditioning. Open the windows and position fans in front of them to keep the air moving. You can enhance this draft by putting frozen bottles of water, or a bowl of ice, in front of the fans bringing air into your apartment.

Close your curtains during the day to prevent sunlight from warming up your apartment. If Little Rock gets lucky and has a mildly cool night, take advantage of that cool air.

Cool down while you Sleep.

Getting a good night of sleep is essential to our daily productivity. Even with the air conditioning on we like to cool down at night with a few tricks.

  • Make sure your ceiling fan rotates counter-clockwise. From this rotation, your fan will work to remove heat from the room, rather than push heat down from the ceiling. Don’t know how? Check this out.
  • Use your freezer. It might sound strange, but go ahead and put your sheets in the freezer a few hours before bedtime. Many people have found this method to be truly refreshing after a long day in the heat. You can also freeze a water bottle (make sure it is sealed tight) and place it by your feet, wrapped in a towel.

Consider the materials your bedding is made out of. Use lightweight fabrics, such as cotton for your sheets. A buckwheat pillow can really make a difference.

Now that you’re cool and relaxed, it’s time to go outside and enjoy Arkansas! Find out some awesome things to do here in the Natural State.