Found an Apartment With An Attached Garage? Here Is How To Keep It Organized.

February 13, 2019

Moving into an apartment with an attached garage in Little Rock? Congrats! Already living comfortably with one? It may need cleaning. Garages tend to accumulate all the things we don’t know what to do with or just don’t want in our apartment living space.

To get the best out of your garage, you need to keep it clean. Here is how you can clean your garage and keep it organized.

Pick up as much trash as you can. Assess the state of your garage, and get ready to move.


Be prepared for this ordeal.

This is not a good project to start at 2:00 AM because you can’t sleep. You need a whole day or more to completely organize your apartment’s garage. You could be sorting items from your garage out on the driveway or parking lot so check the weather too.

Get some help. There are many items to go through. Ask close friends or members of your family for help. They can help you sort. You can make the final decision about what gets tossed, donated, or back in the garage.


Sort things.

It is time to get everything out of the garage and sorted. Sort items based on their uses. Put things that are alike together. There are a few things you should have ready in case you need some major organizing.

  • Strong trash bags. Something to sort your items. Label clearly so they don’t get mistake for trash. — Some use tarps as a more eco-friendly option.
  • A vacuum. Once you get all your items out of your apartment garage, you’ll want to clean. Vacuuming is better than sweeping because it traps all the dust and debris.

Categories are great, but you’ll need to go further in your sorting. You’ll need to do a pile for all the things you want to keep, all the things that need to be thrown away, and all the things you want to donate or sell.

You are bound to run into items that you don’t know what to do with. Don’t try to decide right then, get a “miscellaneous” basket and deal with those things later.


Make a plan for putting things back into the garage.

Now that you’ve got everything out and sorted, it is time to put all the “keep” items back in the garage. Make a plan.

  • Keep categories together,
  • Use clear storage containers,  
  • Use wall space for shelving and hanging items, and
  • Place items based on the frequency they are needed.


You don’t want to crane your arm into a corner to get and replace your watering can every time you need to use it.

Need an organizing system? Make sure you know what you will need to store in the organizer before getting one. This will help you avoid finding there is not enough space after installing and filling the organizing system with what you can.