Finding an Apartment Attached To A Garage | Why This Amenity Matters

December 3, 2018

Looking for an apartment with a garage attached? Great choice.

Parking your car in a garage is recommended for many reasons. The team at Apartment Hunters has all the intel you need to find and rent a space with a garage in a convenient location.

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Here are a few reasons why you should consider holding out for an apartment that has a garage.

1. You are protecting your investment.

For most individuals, a vehicle is one of the biggest financial investments they will make in their lives. It is wise to consider the protection of this investment as you search for an apartment to rent.

2. Arkansas heat can damage a vehicle.

Just moving to Arkansas? Spoiler alert: our summers get hot and humid. This creates unwanted elements for vehicles left out in the open. Extreme heat can do a number of damages on your vehicle if left exposed for too long.

  • Over time, heat can cause the dashboard or even the upholstery of your vehicle to deteriorate.
  • What is the first thing you do when you get into your vehicle in the summer — other than avoiding the hot metal seat belt clip? You turn on the AC. An overheated interior will have your vehicle’s AC working overtime and on full blast. This will wear down the system over time.
  • Heat and UV rays will give the rubber components of your vehicle a hard time. Anything from the windshield wipers to the hoses inside your vehicle is susceptible to the elements.
  • Even temperatures are better for your engine. By doing your best to keep your vehicle at even temperatures, you may actually end up extending the life of your engine. Engines run best if the oil is at an optimal temperature when it is time to start-up.

3. UV rays are harsh on the exterior of your vehicle.

Are you keeping your car cleaned and waxed as often as you should? If you leave your car in the sun, winter or summer, it needs proper care to protect itself from UV rays.

UV rays are harmful to paint and can cause oxidation to the metal over time.

It takes time and effort to clean and wax your vehicle anyways. Leaving it out in the sun only increases the importance. If you are paying for proper wax to protect the exterior of your vehicle, you are also gaining an extra expense.

4. Your car spends MOST of the time parked.

It may seem like you are in your vehicle all the time. Compared to the time you spend at home, work, with friends, at the gym, and running other errands, it sits alone quite a bit. Investing in a proper space for your car to sit while you are at home will benefit your vehicle on a daily basis.

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