Reasons To Choose a Townhome in Little Rock, AR

January 20, 2018

Considering one of several townhomes available in the Little Rock metro area?

At Apartment Hunters we work with clients looking for the perfect solution to their living needs. A townhome often provide renters with choice locations and just the right home-like feel without the high mortgage.

Here are a few reasons to consider a townhome in Little Rock

Townhomes are characterized as feeling more like a home than an apartment.

The architecture and functionality of a townhome is much like that of a house. You will have a front door and a roof. The only privacy issue will be the walls you share with your neighbors—often called party walls.

Thankfully, modern insulation and noise reduction techniques have improved party walls over the years. Many townhome residents experience as much peace and quiet as they would in a house.

The homeowners association will cover various maintenance issues.

The HOA will make sure the building you and your townhome neighbors call home is maintained properly. There will be a HOA fee every month, but none of your home maintenance issues will go untreated.

This makes a townhome perfect for those who are less-than-handy when it comes to plumbing, electric, heating and cooling, and more.

Townhomes come with a lawn.

One of the distinct differences townhomes have from apartments and most condos is that they feature yards. Owners are free to use the lawn however they wish.

The downside? HOA are often pretty strict with how the lawn is maintained. There won’t be a lot of room for flashy self-expression when it comes to the landscaping on your small parcel of land. The good part? For many townhomes, you’ll never have to worry about yard work—or your neighbors yard work. With strict codes, HOA often provide landscaping services.

The homeowners association your townhome is under will require neighbors to play nice.

While many complain about strict HOA rules and regulations, many residents choose to live in townhomes to ensure they are living in a good neighborhood. Before you choose a townhome, consider and compare the rules and regulations the HOA has over them.

The HOA is also responsible for provisioning amenities that the townhome residents are interested in. This often includes community pools, tennis courts, and more. Residents can enjoy exclusive access to these luxurious amenities at a much more affordable price.