Bring The Art of Hygge Into Furnished Apartments

October 11, 2018

Fall is here! Arkansas residents are hesitant to get their hopes up as the weather cools down, but the time for scarves and hot chocolate is upon us. Now is a great time for renters to bring the art of Hygge into furnished apartments.

“Hygge” is a Danish word with no direct English translation. It is a lifestyle concept Danes are known for. The concept has been around for centuries, but just recently it has made its way into modern homes. People all over the world are realizing the importance of making their space more relaxing and life less stressful.

Here is how you can experience Hygge this fall.


1. Candles.

Danish people burn lots of candles. The light candles give off is relaxing. Scented candles bring a pleasant scent to an otherwise stale room. The heat from the flame, even though small, is natural and pure. — All that from a candle.

Decorate with candles. If you are not comfortable with open flames — say you have a cat that would be all to quick knocking over such a display — there are plenty of other options. You can melt a candle using a hot surface to get the scent without burning the wick.

Candle lighting is a great way to think of lighting your space if you want to bring Hygge into your furnished apartment. Low lighting is relaxing but still pretty. Task lighting will be needed. Avoid overhead lighting as it can be unflattering or overwhelming.

Feeling creative? Add some fairy lights.


2. Your Favorite Hot Beverage.

Love your morning coffee? That is very hygge. Don’t rush your caffeine intake as you leave the house. Take time to enjoy your coffee on a cozy sofa.

This applies to hot cider, hot chocolate, tea, and more.  A convenient coffee table or end table with coasters is essential for every hygge space.


3. Relaxing Activities.

Speaking of enjoying a good cup of coffee, what else do you enjoy doing? If you love to knit or crochet, arrange space for you to store your yarn and tools nearby. Love to write or draw? Keep a notebook and pen next to your favorite spot.


4. Accessories.

Hygge is known for its distinctive minimalist look. However, space doesn’t stop there. Fluffy pillows and cozy throws are essential to make the space enjoyable. Decorate with color and texture. Knit is a great option for both throws and pillows.

Decorate with things you love. The collected-over-time look is perfectly acceptable. If you love glam, that is ok! Make the space more welcoming by mixing your glamorous decor with natural materials.

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