Best Places for Brunch in Hillcrest

July 20, 2018

Hillcrest is located in Little Rock. It is full of Arkansas’ signature natural-state parks, local shops, and historic housing.

The best Hillcrest attractions are usually only known by the locals. Now that you live here, you might as well start exploring.

Here are a few places we recommend for brunch.


Boulevard Bread Co.

Find a bite to eat and delicious coffee at Boulevard Bread Co.. Located on the corner of Kavanaugh and North Grant Street, Boulevard Bread Co. is a great place for coffee-seekers and friends looking to hang out. They offer delicious gourmet food and coffee.


Red Door Restaurant

If you want to have brunch at Red Door, we recommend avoiding their busy hours. This restaurant is a favorite of many Little Rock residents. It offers gourmet food and atmosphere special to Little Rock.


Loca Luna

Right next door to Red Door is Loca Luna, another Little Rock favorite. The eclectic atmosphere of Loca Luna is similar to Red Door, but the food is something different. A top pick for a variety of occasions. Local Luna is a great place for anything from a rehearsal dinner to brunch with friends.

Don’t forget to try the cheese dip!


Heights Taco and Tamale Co.

Love tamales? You don’t want to miss Heights Taco and Tamale Co. located on Kavanaugh. They serve cheese dip, mojitos, and delicious, locally-sourced foods.


Mylo Coffee Co.

Enjoy latte art? Noted for its instagram-worthy aesthetic, Mylo Coffee Co. is a great place to brunch in the Heights. It also brews one delicious cup of coffee. You’ll find homemade, made-that-day pastries and more.

Order a latte drink and see the artwork!

Like this lovely heart.


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