Easy Cleaning Tips for a Spotless Apartment

May 7, 2018

When someone tells you to make yourself at home they are giving you permission to relax, kick off your shoes, grab a drink, and sit anywhere you like. As apartments feel more and more like home, you’ll find yourself more relaxed and less enthusiastic about cleaning responsibilities.

Here are a few tips for finding the easiest way to keep apartments clean. We’ve even related these tips to a recent hit song—it’s been popular for a while so we’re pretty sure most of our audience has at least heard of it—so they will be easy to remember. But just in case you have never listened to the radio in the past year, here’s the song

1. Don’t Pick up the Phone.

You should avoid distractions while you are cleaning apartments. You should avoid your phone during the time you have set aside for cleaning. Unless that is where you keep all your good music. It is always a good idea to have music on while you are cleaning. Even the laziest apartment renters agree, cleaning is more fun with music.

Bored? It might not sound like fun, but your future self will thank you for choosing to clean instead of scrolling on your phone. Keep the cleaning supplies in the room it is most needed. This way when you find you have freetime, and a small amount of energy, it will be easy for you to do some quick cleaning.

It might be easiest for you to just call a cleaning service. Talk to your landlord first to get a good recommendation for apartment cleaners. Some Arkansas apartments offer to arrange for a cleaning service to stop by your place so you don’t even have to worry about it. .

2. Don’t let them In.

Use rugs to stop dirt and debris from entering your apartment. Good antimicrobial mats drastically reduce the amount of dirt coming in from outside your apartment. Keep one at every entryway.

It might not be convenient for you to practice a “no shoe” policy in your apartment. But you could designate a pair of house shoes for yourself. Choose shoes that are soft and comfortable to wear and keep them at the entryway you most frequently use.

Want to open your windows and let some fresh air in? Arkansas does have moments of truly perfect weather. We recommend savoring them as much as possible. Just be sure to not let any critters in. Most windows have a screen so you can enjoy fresh air without bugs getting in your apartments.

3. Don’t be their Friend.

Don’t make friends with your unfinished laundry pile. A pile of laundry on a chair might not seem like a big deal at first. As you see them everyday, piles like this have a tendency to gradually become invisible to you. Soon your desk chair is not a chair, it’s a laundry holder for those items that aren’t clean OR dirty. Be cautious of the piles of things that grow gradually and become part of your apartment decor. Practice makes perfect, even we are still trying to learn these rules by heart.

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