Affordable Apartments in Little Rock | How To Make Your Apartment Seem Bigger

July 22, 2019

Finding the perfect apartments in little rock is a huge win! Now you need to make it feel like home. If you have a smaller apartment, here are some tips on making it look more spacious.

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Careful with colors.

If you want a space to appear larger, ditch contrasting colors and stick with a color scheme. It might even be necessary to make all the colors in your color scheme a variation of an original. 

Go for lighter colors like pastels. Perhaps it would help to choose your color from the paint samples and go for the lightest option. You’re going for a light-as-air feel. This will make your room seem significantly less cramped. 

There is an exception: the ceiling. A print or bold color on your ceiling could draw the eyes up. This is not the case for every space. Get a second opinion before putting a large floral mural on the ceiling. 

Make it mirrors. 

Mirrors are the easiest and most widely used trick to make a space seem larger than it is. It works! The mirrors create an illusion of space and are the best at bouncing light around. 

Place your mirrors to make the most of natural lighting. If you don’t have much natural lighting to work with, use artificial lighting. Overhead artificial lighting might not be your best option. Try experimenting with spotlights and floor lamps. 

Ostentatiously organized.

The most important factor to consider when you are opening up your room: clutter. Clutter makes a space seem small. It distracts from the interior design you want to be seen. Here are a few ways you can declutter.

  1. Get good desk and countertop organizers. 
  2. Organize with mason jars, or something you can show off. Organization doesn’t have to be ugly.  
  3. Use shelving to organize items in the room. Don’t overload them. Open space on your shelves will help make the room feel more open. 
  4. Don’t use drapes. It might sound crazy. Curtains are not absolutely necessary. Removing them will help with decreasing the amount of visual activity in the room. 
  5. Work your color scheme into your organization. Nothing says organized like color coded shelving. 

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Furniture freedom. 

How can one stay organized in a small space? By being clever! Use multipurpose furniture. Perhaps you could remove a few pieces of furniture in favor of a built-in option. A desk or ladder that pulls out from the wall when needed is the ultimate space saver — and it looks super cool. 

Remember these two things when choosing furniture. 

  1. Choose low-key furniture. Like a sofa that sits low to the ground. 
  2. Make sure the legs of the furniture can be seen


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