7 Reasons We Recommend Apartments in The Heights for Foodies (or anyone who appreciates delicious food)

November 5, 2018

The Heights is a small neighborhood in central Arkansas. Starting after Cammack Village and ending towards Allsopp park, the Heights looks over the Arkansas River. It is right next to our famous Big Dam Bridge.

The Heights has aged beautifully with all the charms of an older neighborhood in Little Rock. Even with the steep terrain, the Heights is known for, it has much coveted real estate. You’ll find beautiful houses and apartment complexes. It continues to maintain apartments, houses, and businesses as the years go by. All keeping the theme the neighborhood has known for so long.


The Heights is favored for more than just real estate. You’ll find everything from popular brunch spots to fun nightlife right here in the Heights. Here are a few food places you should visit in the Heights.


1. Red Door:

stands out as a brunch favorite. You’ll find your favorites and a few surprises on their menu. All dishes are made with the signature modern southern cuisine Little Rock residents love.

2. By The Glass:

is the perfect place to wind down during happy hour. Their popular wine menu is accompanied by gourmet horderves.  

3. Heights Taco and Tamale:

is an eclectic dining experience right on Kavanaugh. They serve mixed drinks, delicious tamales, and — of course — tacos. (Don’t forget to try their cheese dip.)

4. Baja Grill:

is also located on Kavanaugh, but has a distinctive personality as well. Experience the local atmosphere. Don’t be afraid to dine al fresco. They have fun outdoor seating and delicious Mexican cuisine.  

5. Boulevard Bread Co. – Heights:

is the only local coffee shop located in the Heights. There are several more close by, but on this stretch of Kavanaugh, the only competition they have is a Starbucks. You won’t regret passing on the coffee you are familiar with to experience Boulevard Bread Co. Boulevard Bread Co. has another location on Main street, downtown Little Rock.

6. Cupcakes on Kavanaugh

has a variety of gourmet cupcakes ready to sell. Even though they specialize in catering and orders, visitors won’t miss out on their cupcake cravings while out shopping.

7. Le Pops:

is a must-see for Little Rock visitors. This unique, gourmet popsicle shop puts a whole new meaning to these frozen treats. They have dairy-free options and extra toppings for those who want to customize.


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