6 Plants For Your Little Rock Apartment

April 19, 2019

A little vegetation can go a long way when you are living in an apartment. Plants help purify the air — some more than others

— and give your interior design more life. Here are a few choice plants for your Little Rock apartment.

For Fun: Air Plants. Peace Lilies.


 Air Plants:

They don’t need dirt. And, once you learn the basics, they are pretty fun to take care of. These plants are watered by being held under running water. The leaves collect water and keep the plant alive.

What is so fun about this plant? You have to pick it up to water it. How many other plants can you remove from their pot, only to return it, hassle-free and ready to resume growing happy and healthy. They are also pretty trendy right now.


  1. Peace Lilies: This beautiful plant can survive in low-light environment. So, if you’ve been sticking to a fake-plants-only decorating rule because your apartment gets no sunlight, this plant is for you. In fact, the only high-maintenance thing about this plant is that it needs to be kept out of direct sunlight. It will grow well under fluorescent lights.


What is fun about it? It will let you know it needs to be watered by drooping. No worries, it will pop back up, full of life, after being watered. Who else pouts when we are long overdue for a decent drink?

 For Resilience: Snake Plant. Golden Pothos. Cacti.


  1. Snake Plant: The snake plant is the most frequently recommended plant for indoor environments. It is extremely resilient, it thrives in medium lighting and bright lighting, and it can go weeks without needing to be watered. This succulent is comfortable in a climate-controlled environment. Even if you live with someone who likes to crank that AC in the summer, the Snake Plant will be just fine.


  1. Golden Pothos: Not enough floor space? Or shelving? That’s ok! The Pothos does best when it is placed in a hanging container. It can survive in a low, medium, and bright lightings as long as it is not in direct sunlight.
  1. Cactus: If a cactus can survive the extreme weather conditions of the desert, it can certainly survive your beginner gardening skills. While a cactus is growing it will need to be watered on a weekly basis, depending on the type and size. After that, it can go weeks before needing to be watered.


When you do water it, make sure to give it plenty of water. You may find it helpful to just place the whole plant in the sink and let the water run until it overflows.


For Healing: Aloe Vera.


  1. Aloe Vera: This is the plant that gives back. It is one of the more efficient air-purifying plants and it grows healing aloe in its leaves. It needs to be near a window. When should you water it? When the soil is dry at least two inches down.