5 Tips For Decorating Rentals

Congrats! With the help of Apartment Hunters you’ve chosen an apartment.

Now what?

How do residents in the Little Rock metro area make their rentals their home? Here are a few tips.


1. Be clear on what your lease says about decorating.

Most landlords in the Little Rock metro area encourage you to make yourself at home not — which won’t be too difficult in beautiful rentals like these. However, you don’t want to risk not getting your deposit back when it is time to move to a new rental. If you plan to paint or do any major decorating, talk with your landlord. Get anything in writing if it is not already in the lease.

If your rental needs maintenance, negotiate a reimbursement at the time of signing the lease (we’ll help you with this).


2. Get some plants.

Plants may require a little maintenance, but they are worth the life they bring to a space. Plants can match nearly any style of decor. You can get easy-to-care-for plants if you are not a green thumb. Plants like aloe, snake plant, jade, pothos, rabbit’s ear, umbrella tree, and cactus are easy to care for.

Check out this convenient nursery on Cantrell.


3. Don’t forget to be smart about your budget.

Decorating a rental doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Thrifting for unique decor is popular these days. Find beautiful items that have been tossed away and use them for something new. Decide on colors—and maybe a theme—and start browsing.

If you are looking to invest in more expensive pieces of furniture, find versatile pieces. You never know when you’ll need to move to a new rental–or a home. Your investment will go further if it can match different kinds of decor.

A good rule? If you don’t absolutely love it, don’t buy it. You might be watching Netflix from the kitchen table for a while, but it is worth it to find the comfy arm chair of your dreams. If you just have expensive taste in interior design, slow down the decorating process so your checkbook can catch up.


4. Add lighting.

Light the space in layers. Ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting are all important to properly light your rental. The ambient lighting is already there. Bring in lamps to create the other layers of lighting. If you want to upgrade the ambient lighting fixture that is already in your rental, carefully store the original fixture. You’ll need to change it back when you move.

How can you maximize natural lighting? If your windows in your rental are small, get creative—maybe use mirrors. Window treatments make a world of difference in a space.


5. Decorate until your rental feels like home.

You are going to come home to this space every day. Make it a space you will enjoy after a long day at work, or for an afternoon in.