5 Keys To Making Little Rock Apartments Feel Like Home

August 10, 2018

You’ve finally found an apartment!

But now you’re standing in an unfamiliar space, surrounded by moving boxes and misplaced appliances — a coffee maker can go in the laundry room right? — wondering if you made the right choice.

Your apartment isn’t going to feel like home right away. Especially if this is your first apartment to live in. Here is how locals make Little Rock apartments feel like home.


1. Start with a good clean and fill the apartment with your signature scent.

The first step to getting settled in your apartment is to clean it. It may have already been cleaned by a service, you need to clean it yourself. Here is why.

  • You need to discover every inch of your new space. Dust the back of your closet to get an idea of how much capacity it has. Look for good spots for your favorite decor items. Find good places for storage. Deep clean the bathroom so you know the best way to plan an efficient morning routine.  
  • You will rest more comfortably in your new space knowing it is clean of the previous resident. They may have been the most hygenic renters your landlord has ever seen. Using your cleaning supplies will help the place seem — and smell — more familiar.
  • Don’t wait for your nose to get used to the stale apartment air. Clean and replace the scent of your new apartment with a scent of your choice. Smells are very closely linked to our memories. A familiar-smelling space will make your apartment feel like home in no time.


2. Buy REAL furniture you love.

You might be renting the apartment, but you own all the furniture in it. As your budget allows, buy decor pieces you love. Don’t forget sentimental decor!


3. Get cozy with blankets, throw pillows, and area rugs.

You will be pleasantly surprised at how much of a difference a few throw pillows can make. A rug that is just the right size, in just the right place, can bring together a room and even make it seem larger.

As you learn how you like the thermostat in your new apartment, you’ll appreciate having a few throw blankets nearby.


4. Fix what you don’t like.

Don’t wait until you’ve been living in the apartment for months to start fixing it up. You’ll get used to it and be less discerning about what needs to be changed. Make note of areas of the apartment that feel “off”. If any of the appliances need to be changed, tell your landlord right away.


5. Add lighting.

Lighting is everything to making a space beautiful. Change fixtures (keep the old ones safe somewhere so you can replace them when you move out), let natural lighting in, and add lamps anywhere you can.