4 Tips For Painting Your Apartment Walls

July 22, 2019

Painting is the most effective — and least expensive — way to spruce up an apartment. Make your new home feel like home. Painting is also a great option if you’ve lived in an apartment for a while and are ready for a new look.


You’ve found apartments for rent, you’ve signed the lease, now it’s time to personalize your new home! Here are a few tips on painting your apartment.


1. Don’t assume the landlord will be ok with a new paint job.

For most Arkansas apartments for rent, painting walls is a-okay. Look for anything in your lease agreement about changing the appearance of the space.

Don’t lose that deposit! Even if the lease agreement allows for painting, check with your landlord. Your landlord might also have advice on painting that they’ve learned painting other properties.


2. Accidents happen. Make sure you protect your belongings.

Plan for mistakes. Your future self will be very thankful you did. Remove as many belongings as you can before you begin painting.

Painter’s Tape is a blue tape designed to protect the accents you can’t remove. Put it on hinges, cabinet knobs, and anything else you don’t want to get paint on. Masking tape is also a great way to outline your painting area.

You’ll want to secure all your drop cloths with tape. When you paint, the fumes from paints and primers can get a bit strong. You’ll need to keep a window open and a fan going. Taping down your drop cloths will keep them from shifting out of place in the draft.

If you do spill something, clean it up right away. Time is a factor in how well you are going to be able to clean up the mess.


3. Some extra work is worth the extra-nice finished look.

It might seem tedious and unnecessary but most interior design experts recommend removing outlet and light switch covers, lighting fixtures, and anything else that can be removed. Keep these items together with the screws used to hold them in place — you’ll need them when you are done painting.

When you reinstall them, they’ll look extra clean against your paint job.


4. Know how to use and take care of the tools you are using.

The right tools could mean all the difference in the world. Your painting experience will be less frustrating if you take some time to learn. Ask a pro or do your own research on the best way to use the rollers and paintbrushes you are using to paint.


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