4 Tips For Keeping Pets Happy And Healthy In Apartments

September 4, 2018

Considering getting a furry friend?

The first thing you need to consider is finding pet-friendly apartments to choose from. Little Rock is full of pet-friendly apartments with convenient play areas. The team at Apartment Hunters can help you find an apartment that suits your needs and your pet’s needs.
Here are a few tips:


1. Make sure they get the right amount of exercise.

Cats can get all the exercise they need without going outdoors. When you decorate your apartment, consider shelving for your cat to climb on. Give them interactive toys to keep them mentally stimulated. Don’t forget to play with them  l they’ll remind you.

Dogs need the great outdoors. A dog living in a small space needs to be walked at least twice a day. And let out for bathroom breaks even more frequently. Look for apartments with dog parks nearby. An apartment advertised as “pet-friendly” is likely to have a dog park just for residents. This is also a great way to let your dog socialize.


2. Do your homework before you adopt.

Some breeds of dogs will be happier living in an apartment than others. Consider smaller dogs like a Pug or Shih Tzu, or larger dogs that are known for having low-energy — they will still need some exercise, obviously, they are just happy being your couch-potato buddy.

This applies to every kind of pet you want to bring into your apartment. They all have different needs. Bunnies don’t like to be alone, birds make loud noises, and snakes need to be fed frequently. Do their needs line up with your job and lifestyle? Don’t get discouraged if the pet you were first looking at doesn’t match-up. There are so many other adorable options you can consider.


3. Train your pet.

If you know anything about dogs, you know they need — an even enjoy — training. Cats need less training — and there is a little discussion on who is training who. If you are unable to train your pet, hire a trainer to help.


4. What if you are moving into an apartment and already have a pet?

Your pet is getting used to a new environment just like you are. If you are moving-in with a pet here are a few things you can do to help your pet feel at home.

  • Keep up with the same routine. Feed them and walk them at the same time.
  • Give them their own space.
  • Spend some extra time with them as they explore the new apartment.