3 Tips For Decluttering Your Apartment

April 19, 2019

We’ve already covered why you should keep your apartment clutter-free. Here are a few tips for keeping the best apartments in Little Rock at their best by decluttering.

Tip 1: Organize in a way that is most efficient for you.

Don’t buy anything for storage until you have a good idea of what you need to organize. Organization is satisfying. If you get caught up in the glamour of all the systems and accessories to help you stay organized, you are not alone!

See how many things you need to fit in a space and then go on a well-justified shopping spree.

When your space is organized, it will not look like a magazine. Even if you have the most efficient, nifty, innovative system to keep your home office or closet organized. It will be a different kind of “picture perfect” than what you see in magazines.

What makes your organization system efficient, nifty, and innovative is that it works best for you.

You have things to do in your home office, not just pose for Instagram posts — but that should happen too, show off your success! You’ll need to destroy your closet trying to decide what to wear every once and awhile. Your system needs to make it easy to put everything back. What works for you will be your “picture perfect” storage system.


Tip 2: Make your clutter-free apartment easy to maintain.

To keep your apartment clutter-free you need to declutter on a daily basis. While you take on the initial task of getting your apartment decluttered, remember that you’ll need to revisit these tasks, in a lighter capacity, again.

Don’t store things you use often in a hard-to-reach space. You’ll be less likely to put it away.

While you declutter your kitchen cabinets, organizes the spices with their “best by” date in mind. This will keep you from having a kitchen cabinet full of unusable spices just out of reach. This is the same for expired makeup, batteries, lightbulbs, and more.


Tip 3: Be honest about every item.

Sentimental items are difficult to go through. They hold so much meaning, but they no longer serve a purpose. Use your best judgement when it comes to sentimental items. Take a moment to consider each and every item.

Got electronics you don’t use? You’ve managed to keep your hair away from heat damage for a few years now. Why is your curling iron still under your sink? Consider how frequently the item is used.

If you saw the item in a store today, would you buy it?