Does Clutter Really Cause Stress? | 3 Reasons To Tidy-Up Your Little Rock Apartment

March 11, 2019

Answer: yes. Allowing your little rock apartment to become needlessly cluttered will leave you stressed and somehow perpetually running late.

There is hope! You don’t need to be the next Marie Kondo to create and maintain a tidy living space. Your apartment can be organized. The key is to recognize the clutter.

1. The clutter in your apartment can actually be a psychological drain without you even realizing it.

The items strewn, unorganized across your home add unnecessary stimulation. Leaving many of us feeling overwhelmed.

Acknowledging the problem is Step 1. The pile of papers on your kitchen table is a reminder that you need to organize your finances and, subsequently, your finances are not organized. The toiletries all over your bathroom sink do not provide an ideal greeting for you to start a productive day.

Your home should be a place where you can relax. Our jobs are often stressful. It is essential to self-care that we have some place in our lives where we can relax.

2. There is an available reality where you consistently find things when you need them.

Are you familiar with that oh-so-common movie scene where the character is wildly late for something very important, and they can’t find their keys? A frantic frenzy ensues.

It is frustrating when something so simple is causing so much trouble. On some level, you are also victim of this frantic frenzy. Every time you can’t find something, you risk disrupting plans.

The best way to solve this problem? Designate a space for frequently used items. What do you often find yourself looking for?

3. Staying organized means you will be more comfortable having friends over.

An apartment can only stay organized if the tidy-ness is maintained on a daily basis. No living space stays completely tidy. You have a life to live. Prepare for this disorganization. Keep a basket for mail that you need to go through but do not have time to do so right now. Make a closet system that can handle the “I do not know what to wear” moments.

Even if you end up trying on your whole wardrobe, you’ll have an easier time picking up garments that didn’t make the cut. There is a space for everything.

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